Facial Yoga: The Natural Facelift

For those who want to look younger and more energized but are afraid of taking drastic measures such as Botox or facelifts, there may be an answer: facial yoga. The premise of facial yoga is simple. Muscles need to be exercised to stay toned, so why wouldn’t this philosophy hold true for facial muscles? Proponents of facial yoga agree that this philosophy does indeed hold true for facial muscles and that is the reason facial yoga is so successful. Facial yoga is quickly gaining popularity across the country. By investing only minutes per day, you too can gain a more youthful appearance. You can get code to enter a popular website and understand more about facial yoga exercises.

There are more than a dozen muscles in the human face. Like other muscles, facial muscles will become stressed, tensed, and saggy if not properly taken care of. Facial yoga combines both exercises and relaxation techniques to help tone and rejuvenate facial muscles. Although there is limited research on the subject, it has been suggested that facial yoga may have many other medical benefits such as headache relief and an overall increase in mood. Experts also believe that facial yoga may help in the treatment of certain facial injuries such as partial paralysis.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s probably not. While many people argue over the effectiveness of facial yoga and there is no concrete evidence to support either side of the argument, the whole premise behind facial yoga does make sense. So while there is no way to conclusively say facial yoga is beneficial, what do you have to lose by partaking in it? It is non-invasive, is free in most cases, and takes only a few minutes per day. Once you have gotten used to the exercises, you can even incorporate them into your everyday routine. So while you are walking the dog, watching television, or reading this article even, you could be doing facial yoga.

Facial yoga is offered in health clubs and yoga studios across the country. There are even videos teaching the technique being offered on infomercials and the internet. However, there is a vast amount of information available on facial yoga so why pay for something you can get for free? Facial yoga is rather simple. It is recommended to spend approximately five to ten minutes daily doing facial exercises. When you are first getting used to the technique, it is easiest to do it in front of a mirror to make sure you are doing it correctly. With time, however, facial yoga can easily be incorporated into your everyday routine. Facial yoga can be performed be anyone, regardless of age. Below are a few facial exercises to help get you started with your facial yoga routine.

Facial Massage- Find a comfortable position and relax your entire body. Using the index and middle fingers of both hands, begin massing your face starting at the middle of the forehead. Pay particular attention to the temples, hinges of the jaw, and the area between the eyes and the bridge of the nose. This exercise helps to relieve stress and tension.

Palming- While in the same position as facial massage, take both of your hands and rub them together real fast. You should feel them get warm. Then cup both hands over your eyes. This exercise helps soothe the eye and surrounding areas.

The Cheek Pinch- Grab little pieces of skin on your cheeks and pinch (do not pinch the whole cheek at once). This exercise helps improve circulation.

The Angry Smile- Clench your teeth and open your lips as wide as you can. You should feel your muscles stretching. Hold this position for ten seconds and then relax. Repeat ten times. This exercise helps improve circulation and relieves stress and tension.

Surprise!- Widen your eyes as far as you can (as though you are surprised). Pay attention to not wrinkle your forehead. Focus on something in front of you and hold the position for ten seconds. Repeat five times.

Keep in mind, these are just a few exercises. There are many other facial exercises that you can incorporate into your facial yoga routine. With a little time and research, you may very well be on your way to a more youthful appearance without spending loads of money or going under the knife.

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