Essential Info you must know about Laser Hair Removal Treatment

There are common reminders to keep in mind when planning to get laser hair removal treatment. Find trusted Laser Hair Removal Specialist serving near you, prepare quite a big amount, as well as prepare for few sessions among other notes. However, there are other essential details you must learn to understand how laser hair removal exactly works. Knowing these info helps in having the right expectations before you walk into a clinic for the treatment.

What is Laser Hair Removal Treatment, to Begin with?

Laser hair removal treatment is the procedure of destroying hair follicles to reduce or remove unwanted body hair. With the use of appropriate heat, the laser targets melanocytes or the cell with produces melanin. Melanin is the pigment which gives color to the skin and hair. When melanocytes heat up, it destroys surrounding tissues such as those of the hair follicles.

Sounds dangerous since it involve harming some tissues, doesn’t it? Key is, proper type of laser and on the right amount is necessary to control such damage. When properly done, laser only specifically targets melanocytes on hair follicles. Hence, you don’t have to worry about any skin damage after the procedure.

Why is Multiple Sessions Necessary?

Laser hair removal treatment doesn’t work with only one session in the clinic. You need to go back for around 6 to 8 sessions or more which would be spread throughout few months. This is because laser treatment only targets active hair follicles.

Growing of hair actually involves a cycle of growing, falling off and regrowth. While some hair follicles actively grow hair, some are on resting state. So, when you go to a clinic for the treatment today, the laser can only target those which are active. You must go back after few weeks to wait for currently resting follicles to become active.

How efficient is Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser hair removal treatment is certainly efficient. However, it doesn’t work well for everybody, while it offers stunning results to others. That’s because darker hair follicles tend to heat up better, while light-colored ones produce poor results.

So, people with lighter skin but with dark hair enjoys the benefit of laser hair removal much. People with darker skin tends to gain poor results, or require more sessions for best outcome. Moreover, laser hair removal treatment doesn’t work well for people with gray hair.

How safe is the Laser used for the Treatment?

Scientists have refined the laser technology for hair removal for few decades. Much like to the development of computers and smartphones, laser devices also come with different specifications, features and capabilities. And this includes safety improvements as well.

Lasers used for the treatment only penetrates around 1mm to 4mm from the surface of the skin, and it doesn’t emit radiation too. So, you don’t have to worry about the laser harming your internal organs. Moreover, laser devices come with accurate controls to specifically target certain cells, without harming other tissues. As a result, it doesn’t cause scarring or severe burns on the skin.

Be sure, however, to find a dermatologist who is licensed to execute the procedure. Never select mini spa, and have some doubts in using home laser devices. Experts can see the exact condition of your skin, and they can match it with the right laser on the best settings for best results. It means best safety throughout the procedure as well.

Laser hair removal treatment is fantastic. But take note of these information to know what to expect before getting the procedure. This helps prepare yourself properly, such as considering time and money concerns.

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