Dyson DC15 “The Ball” All Floors Vacuum

The Dyson DC15 “The Ball” vacuum is by far the best vacuum I have ever used. I bought it a month ago, and will never go back. Tired of my crappy Hoover, I wanted a new vacuum. Several friends had recommended the Dyson. I was wary- after all, it is a lot of money. I can now tell you it is worth every single penny. Let me tell you why.

Often, I would vacuum with the Hoover and feel like the floor just wasn’t clean enough. To top it off, the stupid thing clogged almost every time I used it and I would have to take it apart and clean it out. I ended up dirty myself almost every time. I had bugged my husband about the Dyson for over a year. We had gotten a Kirby several years before from my mother and I hated it and gotten rid of it, so he wasn’t thrilled about buying an “expensive” vacuum for me to hate. I won.

The day the Dyson came (I bought it online), I vacuumed my living room carpet twice with the Hoover. I then vacuumed with the Dyson, and was stunned. The cannister was FULL. I was sold right then. I began to vacuum everything in sight. I vacuumed all the rooms, the furniture, the curtains, even the walls, and aside from emptying the cannister, never had to stop. There were no clogs. None.

I chose “The Ball” because I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia and sometimes it is hard for me to vacuum. Dyson’s “The Ball” is named because of the large ball at the base, making it easy to maneuver into several positions. I can go around corners and along walls with ease. Furniture in the way is no problem. I can maneuver under tables and around the legs of the tables with ease. It is a light, easy to use vacuum.

The Dyson (it is never “the vacuum” in our house, it is the DYSON) has three attachments with it…..a crevice tool, a brush, and a flat one with a lint type brush on it. They all store right on the vacuum. To empty the cannister, you just pop it off and push a button. That’s it. No mess, no spreading dust back out into the air, nothing. The cord is long, allowing me to get from room to room easily. The wand and hose is the handle. All I have to do is push a button and pull up and it is ready for use, and the suction on it is as strong as in the vacuum. The roller brush also has an on/off switch so that I can transition from carpet to hard floors at the push of a button.

One of my favortite features of the Dyson is that I can push it along the baseboard and it picks everything up. WIth the Hoover, I had to do along baseboards with a crevice tool in order to get it clean, but not the Dyson. I can go up and down my hallway and it be entirely clean in minutes. Another favorite feature is the length and versatility of the hose. I am able to get cobwebs way up high without having to use a step ladder. My house has never felt so clean. My carpets look better than they ever have since we moved in, and they use to still smell a little stale, or a little like dog, or maybe even a stale dog. Now they smell fresh and clean.

There are few features I would change about the Dyson. I would like the cord to possibly be retractable. Plus, the whole vacuum is made of plastic, which, with three rambunctious boys makes me a little nervous, but it seems to be pretty strong even though it seems light. The only other thing that surprised me is that I have to pick up popcorn or something similar that the kids spill with the hose because the base and roller sits so close to the ground. It is not adjustable. As well as it cleans, though, I can live with it.

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