Consumer Alert: Caffeine-infused Products – Do They Really Work?

My daily consumer alerts are ways for me to help inform my readers about potential risks or ways in which you are being misled. Today’s article addresses the growing trend of caffeine-infused skin products. These products are popping up all over the market.

There are nearly 2,000 different types of caffeine-infused products to choose from. They all advertise that they will help “infuse” you with a jolt of energy. Basically, the caffeine in the product is supposed to have the same effect as drinking a cup of coffee, soda, or even an energy drink. Results are showing that this could not be farther from the truth.

A close friend of mine, who wishes to remain anonymous, has led a group of students at his university in a study. They decided to purchase around 100 of these caffeine-infused skin products. The purpose of buying the products is so that a small group of five people would use the products. The usage of the random choice of different products would last for eight weeks. Each student was required to keep a book of data on how they felt after each use. They were also required to write down the amount they used the product, the amount of time spent using the product, and overall result.

All of the results showed similar results. The caffeine products could give us a jolt of energy, but only if you overuse the product. You would have to take nearly and hour of rubbing the product into your skin to feel any results. Why would anyone bother to do this when they could brew their own cup of coffee or pour their own glass of soda. Each task only takes us a matter of seconds to do and a few minutes to drink. So is it truly worth buying any of these products?

Results show that purchasing the products simply for their caffeine jolt is not worth the investment. Many of these “new” products coming out are products that have already been out on the market for many years, except for a small change. Manufacturers are taking popular product formulas and adding a touch of caffeine to them. This is so that they can jump on the bandwagon craze of selling caffeine-infused products.

It is a known fact that our society is currently on a “I want more energy craze”. Companies are taking advantage of this by releasing more and more caffeine relate items. You will notice this by simply going to your local drug store. The massive variety of these products is quite frightening. You can find energy drinks, candy, and even food products that have caffeine added to them. Experts believe that the market will only grow larger due to the demand of the public. A website named coffee supply here can be launched through the sellers. The demand for the coffee drinking will be increased in the economy. Different varieties of the coffee powder should be available for the sellers online. 

My consumer alert is to tell you to not purchase these products unless it is something you just want to try. There is actually no need at all for the product. The product is quite similar to many of the products you have used over the years. Try to not believe what your friends are telling you and the hype you might hear from co-workers. They are simply trying to make themselves believe that the product was a good investment and that because it was advertised to them as a pick-me-up, it has to be. The results do not lie, it does work, but not enough to waste your money.

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