Column Radiators – The New Must-Have For Home Living

We may all like the comforts of having a cool weather but who doesn’t like keeping their homes toasty and warm? It’s like a safe haven to come home to after a walk in the snow or just a cool rainy afternoon. It’s somewhere you want to be rather than out in the harsh winter. Warm homes are soothing and make great living spaces.

But what is a great way to keep homes warm? We were exposed to radiators for heating devices all our lives. But they’re bulky and old-fashioned. No one likes a radiator that takes up too much space. What we all want is a heating device that’s affordable, can warm our homes quickly and at the same time, do not compromise our living room décor.

Lucky for all of us, column radiators exist. They have been providing the best comforts of a warm home without destroying room aesthetics. They’re the ideal heating device and one that can most probably fit your budget. If you’re interested in getting a column radiator, this article will let you know the many uses of one and why you should invest in this beauty:

Simply Beautiful

Column radiators are different than regular radiators. The ones you know are probably big in size and bulky. They’re not a pleasing sight in the middle of a well decorated room. The only reason you have it in your homes is because you need a heating device. But with column radiators, they’ll change how you view a room.

There are so many modern and sleek designs for column radiators. You can have them in white, chrome, silver, gold or bronze. For instance, a chrome towel radiator can be a column radiator for your bathroom. They’re designed as towel racks so guests won’t even know they’re heating devices. They’re that sleek looking and beautifully designed.


What should have been a nice comfortable couch in a corner of your living room is now occupied by a radiator. What also should have been a useful shelf is now just a space for the radiator. Radiators aren’t exactly friendly when it comes to saving space. But with column radiators, you can have all the space you need.

Column radiators can be installed horizontal or vertical along the wall. They can also be compact. You can now move around your couch or bed without having to think of where the radiator is positioned. It’s truly a space saver.

Warms Up Quickly

Radiators are still the ideal heating device as compared to some others. This is because of their ability to heat up a room quick. Some heating devices take around an hour or two to fully heat up a room. But with a column radiator, you only need around 20 to 30 minutes.

This rings true for column towel radiators. They keep your towels dry and fresh. You’ll be able to get rid of that foul wet towel odor. It’ll also be able to warm your bathroom without taking up too much space.

If you’re convinced in getting a column radiator, check them out now. You’ll be able to save so much space and get that aesthetically pleasing look for your home.

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