Celebrity Breast Implant Botches

Celebrity women have lots of reasons to get breast implants. Some of the reasons are to enhance their appearance in clothes or to boost their self-esteem. However, just like facelifts, breast implant jobs can go wrong. Let’s take a look at some bad celebrity breast implant jobs. 

Celebrity Breast Implant Botches: Ivanka Trump 

Considering all the money and connections she has, a botched breast surgery is the last thing you would think could happen to Ivanka Trump. Seven months ago, Invaka was photographed with her new accessories. 

For one thing, Ivanka’s breast implants are a little too big for her body. Also, her right breast is larger than the left one. 

Experts claim that it is common for implants to be placed under the chest muscles. This causes the breasts to look swollen. It can take several months to a year for the implants to settle or drop. In time, Ivanka’s breast should look smaller and more natural. Lets hope this is true for Ivanka’s sake and the sake of the celebrity plastic surgeon. After all, Ivanka is Donald Trump’s daughter. 



Celebrity Breast Implant Botches: Tori Spelling 

Tori Spelling’s breasts have been all over the place during the past three years. In 2007, Tori’s breasts were the size of soccer balls. 

In 2008, not only did they look smaller, but it also appeared that they were collapsing. Photographers caught Tori wearing a low cut summer dress exposing a sinkhole that leaned a little to the left. 

In 2010, RadarOnline got summer pictures of Tori Spelling coming out of a L.A. restaurant. Judging from the pictures the sinkhole has spread across the space between her breasts. The fact that Spelling is skin and bones doesn’t help her breasts appearance either. 

Surely Tori has enough money to get something done. One would think that she was physically uncomfortable if anything. 

Celebrity Breast Implant Botches: Janet Jackson 

Janet Jackson has never confirmed or denied that she has breast implants. However, a photograph of Janet in a low cut red dress confirms that some sort of breast surgery took place. The photography reveals a small dent on the side of Janet’s right breast. Experts believe that Jackson has developed scar tissue around the breast implant. Scar tissue can make breast look unnatural and feel hard. For the record, it’s still a botched boob job. 


Celebrity Breast Implant Botches: Vivica Fox 

Vivica Fox has the worst breast job on the list. Vivica’s right breast has a bad habit of rippling in public. Just like Janet, there is a picture circulating on the Internet of Vivica in a low cut red dress. The dress reveals a large dent on the side of her right breast. 

There is another picture on the Internet of Vivica wearing a dress with silver highlighted designs that reveals the dent as well. Totally botched implant job. Someone made a joke that Vivica and Janet Jackson had the same celebrity plastic surgeon. 

Celebrity Breast Implant Botches: Christina Aguilera – Maybe 

For the past few years, Hollywood gossipers speculated that Aguilera got breast implants. Aguilera never confirmed or denied the surgery About Liquid Facelifts in Michigan rumors which are come to be positive because of the brands widen popularity and good quality creams. However, a recent photo taken in Tokyo reveals a scar under Christina’s armpit. According to the Daily Mail, the scar is a common sign of transaxillary endoscopic breast augmentation. 

Botched? Maybe if the surgery actually took place leaving that horrendous scar. However, keep in mind that most before pictures were taken when Christina was a teenager. Sometimes when girls grow into women the breasts get larger. Plus, Christina had her first baby two years ago. That kind of first time trauma can definitely change your body. 

As far as the armpit scar, it could be from anything. She could’ve had a boil that was lanced. That kind of procedure leaves a scar sometimes. 

Christina’s breast implant evidence can be explained away very easily. The only one who knows for sure if she had breast surgery is Christina Aguilera herself and she isn’t talking. 

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