Buying The Right Antique Rug

Rugs can be something that really make a statement when placed in any kind of space. An antique rug moreover, can become the element that brings together the entire look of the space. No rugs that are being made today can compete with the authentic vibe that can be added through an antique rug. Many people question that how do they find the right rug, given it also stays put for years? These are doubts that come along with buying an antique rug, so you can check out this buying guide and find that perfect antique rug.

Know your space

The current look of the room you wish to put your antique rug in, matters a lot because the rug as well has to blend with the entire style. You will have to go over aspects like patterns and colours to come down to a palette which reflects the look in your mind. Antique rugs especially, are specific to space because of their patterns and designs. Every antique rug will not go with all kinds of looks and styles. The entire look has to come together with the rug in combination.

Know the materials

All antique rugs might look the same on face but each of them has been woven in a different manner and have been made from materials that are probably not of today’s time. The intent that you have for its placement will decide on the kind of material you chose. Certain rugs are delicate while others are made from tougher materials that can stand more footfall. Like,  Moroccan rugs are waterproof and Persian rugs are more plush. All of them have a defined purpose.

Know your patterns

Most antique rugs that you will come across are known for the patterns that they have on them and what they are symbolic of. Somewhere you will find geometric patterns while others will have linear lines woven into them. The overall pattern will define the style statement, whether it is a Scandinavian antique look you are going for or something that represents the Chinese culture maybe. All of it can be defined through simple motifs of an antique rug.

Know its age

Age is one factor that comes above all others in defining whether it is a vintage rug or an antique rug. Any rug that is more than 50 years of age is definitely antique and anything lesser than that terms it as vintage. Your best bet at getting a good rug that is old and antique is to ensure it was well preserved during all this time. You wouldn’t wish to end up with an old rug that comes apart the next day itself.

Know its authenticity

Every rug that comes from a certain region will have its definite features that make it different. The knots it has and the way it has been woven are some of the factors you would need to check to know its authenticity. Do your research on the kind of rug you want to have and where you can get it to get the most authentic antique rug. Confirm its origin as well from the seller and get a good product at the end.

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