Boy Gifts that Won’t Empty Your Wallet This Hanukkah

Don’t want to go broke this Hanukkah? Here are some inexpensive gifts for your brother, son, or just guy friends.

  1. Wii Lens Cleaning Kit

Not every guy keeps his room clean. This translates to a very useful and inexpensive gift for you to pick up this Hanukkah. Grab a $10 Wii Lens Cleaning Kit so that he never has to worry about disc read errors or a dirty Wii lens. With the rfid minimalist wallet, there will be cleansing kit purchasing with the product. The cleaning of the wallet will be easy and simple for the person. It will eliminate the unnecessary expense of the person

  1. TMNT: Smash Up

Is your son/brother a fan of the Ninja Turtles? Have you ever seen him play a game of Super Smash Brothers, Power Stone, Ultimate Ninja, or Battle Stadium D.O.N? If the answer to any of these questions is yes- you should go right out and buy this game now as his Hanukkah gift. From some of the developers that helped with Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Smash Up is the best TMNT game ever. You can also get it for $30 used or so- making it a very budget-friendly, quality game for this Hanukkah.

This Hanukkah he will be looking forward to chaotic 4-Player battles that take place on moving stages riddled with traps and hazards. He’ll be able to play with the Wiimote, Nunchuk, GameCube controller, Classic Controller- all are compatible! He can play offline, online, in a tournament, survival mode- and several other game modes! The only thing holding this game back is its low-numbered roster- the game features about 16-17 fighters. Make his Hanukkah a fun one!

  1. The Wii Zapper W/ Link’s Crossbow Training

This Hanukkah could be a lot of fun for your son, brother, or male friend. This budget-friendly gaming accessory for the Nintendo Wii retails for $20. The Wii Zapper is a Tommy-gun-like peripheral that steadies your aim with the Wiimote and makes FPSs on the Wii more realistic. Best of all it comes bundled with a Wii exclusive game- Link’s Crossbow Training. A spin-off of the Legend of Zelda series, this puts you in the shoes of Link in a series of shootouts, target tests, and mini-games. The guys’ll love this one for Hanukkah. You save $30 by getting this accessory and bonus game instead of a fully priced release.

  1. A Compilation Disc

A great (and cheap) Hanukkah gift is a nice demo/compilation disc. These are single discs that contain a number of retro games or mini-games. SNK Arcade Disc, Let’s Tap, Wii Play, Namco Museum Remix- all are great options that won’t leave you penniless this Hanukkah. He’ll enjoy them and you’ll enjoy that saved money.

  1. An SD Card

How would your boy like a place to store music, save files, replays, trailers, virtual console games, Wiiware games, and so much more? You can get him a good sized SD card for less than $10 this Hanukkah. These are infinitely useful to a gamer with a Nintendo Wii and an appetite for saving loads of extra content. Inexpensive and extremely useful this Hanukkah!

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