Botox Injection: Things You Need to Know

Nowadays, Botox cosmetic and treatment is very rampant and widely accepted across the globe. It is very evident as it can be seen in a lot of blogs, advertisements, and even celebrity gossip magazines. But despite the popularity of Botox treatment, there are still a lot of misconceptions about this modern treatment. Hence, if you are interested in this procedure, it is important that you carefully get to know the process, before undergoing any treatment for your safety. Basically, Botox is used for 3 main purposes: severe underarm sweating, muscle spasm control and cosmetic improvement. But amongst these three purposes, cosmetic improvement is the most popular and widely used treatment. When it comes to cosmetics, there is wide variety of benefits that Botox treatment can provide. First, Botox Cosmetic is used for the smoothing of frown lines temporarily. Also, according to DFA, Botox cosmetic can be used in such area of lines between your eyebrows. You should also not confuse Botox cosmetics with injectable fillers because they are entirely different products. Usually, dermal fillers are used to plump tissues so that the wrinkles and lines in our face will disappear or diminish. Since Botox is considered as a poison to human body, it is always necessary to consult with experts before using Botox for any purposes. 

If you are thinking Botox as applicable to anyone who wants to use it, you are wrong. In America, Botox was approved by FDA for people who are 18 to 65 years old. However, there are certain cases and conditions where people are not allowed to use Botox even though their age goes to the range of 18-65. Some of the issues include difficulty swallowing, had undergone facial surgery, dropping eyelids, bleeding issues, have allergy to another brands of botulinum toxin like Xeomin, Dysport, Myobloc and others. If you also have a skin infection or any other injection that ahs something to do with your skin, you are not allowed to use Botox. If you are also taking some medications, you should inform the practitioner to assess you accurately. 

Botox cosmetic is injected into muscles. It will block nerve impulses to those tissues in your muscles and then there will be a muscle activity where it causes reduced frown lines. As a result, you will have a younger looking and smooth skin. The injection process usually takes about 10 minutes so you must not have any downtime afterward. In normal cases, after the injection, you can already see the improvement within few days. The treatment of Botox usually takes 2 to 4 days for it to attach to the nerve ending. Hence, it will stimulate the muscle to do contraction. 

One of your concerns may be the pain of injection. But in most cases, all injections can hurt. However, the needles used for botox are really samm so you can just feel minimal pain. There will also be a topical anesthetic cream applied to the area injected so you can be numbed for like 10-20 minutes. Thus, you can feel much pain. 

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