Best Strategies You Can Do to Win Matches in Fortnite

There are a lot of survival strategies on how to win matches on Fortnite but there are only a few which are tried and tested. The strategies listed in this article are handpicked and compiled throughout the bunch of guides you can find. So stop posting and asking for a female version of the drift skin on Reddit it is time to jump into the real deal. Playing safe as soon as you drop off the map

In battle royale themed games such as Fortnite playing aggressively will get you nowhere. Some offensive strategies may work but it depends on your skill and understanding of the game. In comparison with players who are playing aggressively without knowing anything, you can secure guns and equipment better because of how you are acting on the map. This will let you get on your way on the final stages of the match wherein you can choose to camp if you have the best spot on the remaining safe places on the map or go aggressively on that last remaining guy that is sitting comfy on his self-made tower.

Create chaos on the map by destroying their structures

This strategy is recommended for those players who have a decent understanding of the game. This is because you need to execute this strategy at the right time and making sure you have the decent equipment to do so. At the start of the match when you drop off you need to act aggressively and fast to get guns and equipment on your drop-off point. Then proceed to check if there are still some players alive in the area. If you notice someone building their structures and camping. You need to go there fast and distract him while he’s still in the middle of his business. This is a rinse and repeat method up to the later stages of the match. 

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