Benefits of Hiring Senior Citizens for Your Small Business

If you own a small business you know how difficult it is to hire and retain dependable, honest employees who are willing to work for minimum wage and no benefits. If you are lucky to find a good employee they usually leave in a few months to pursue a better opportunity.

Having to continually hire and train employees costs you time and money that eats away at your small budget.

The good news is there is an untapped group in society that may be the hardworking, dependable workers you are looking for. Senior citizens and retirees are often looking for part-time positions that can offer them a flexible schedule and a little extra income. Just because a person is no longer in the workforce doesn’t mean they do not want to work. Here are some benefits to hiring older workers for your small business.

Cost-efficient – In general, older workers are not looking for a job where they will get big raises and promotions. They’ve already had that.

Now they want a job that will be fun, stress-free and get them out of the house. Most also have their own insurance through their previous work so you don’t have to worry about losing them for a job that offers benefits. This helps in keeping employees longer at an affordable cost.

Honesty and dedication – Older workers tend to be an honest and dedicated group. More than likely you will not have to worry about an older employee dipping into the cash drawer or stealing merchandise. Because they don’t have to work, but want to, they are more likely to be punctual and take pride in their work. Not having to worry if an employee will show up to work or if they are honest is a great sense of relief in itself for a small business owner.

Good communication skills – Older workers have had more experience working with co-workers or the public and are more comfortable communicating from the very beginning. Especially in sales jobs, having more life experience helps in relating to a customer. This ability to communicate can also make them good listeners too. In most cases, older workers are easier to train and do not have to be reminded several times about the same thing. They will probably have had some prior experience that they can relate to the job you are asking them to do and are able to complete the job effectively.

Non-demanding – Since older workers usually only want to work part-time they will not be demanding more hours in order to continue working for you. In most cases they can only earn up to a certain amount because of tax restrictions so they will be happy with the hours you give them.

Experience and knowledge – The best thing about older workers is that they bring with them a wealth of experience and knowledge that may actually benefit you in your business. Even if their previous job was not in the same field as your business, they have probably had some experience with one factor of your business or have contacts that could benefit you. This alone is a good reason to hire a senior citizen.

Ultimately, hiring senior employees is like proving your business the four things that a ticket management system can do. It will make your operation to run smoothly.

Hiring a senior citizen for your small business may actually save you money and stress in the long run. Having an employee who wants to come to work, is content with the pay and hours and actually enjoys being there is an asset to you and your small business.

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