Backflow Prevention in One’s Home

Backflow-Preventers are part of most new construction that is inspected. Backflow -Preventers keep water from going back into the plumbing after it comes out of your faucet. This is usually through a hose connection or sometimes even a toilet tank can do this.

When water flows back into the plumbing it can cause all kinds of illnesses. Here are some tips to help prevent this from happening in your home:

Tip 1:

This is one that is out of our control the utility company. Whenever the utility company has to turn off a main all kinds of debris can be sucked into the line from a variety of locations. The utility company will sometimes flush the line when it is turned back on. However it is a good idea after the water is turned back on to let it run for a while to flush out the lines.

Tip 2:

If the water has to be turned off at your house for any reason when it is turned back on it is a good idea to run it for five or ten minutes before using the water. Some older toilets can backflow into the lines from the tanks. When any water supply is turned off it creates a vacuum that will suck up any thing that is connected to the water supply.

It is a good idea to purchase a toilet valve that has a backflow built in. It is a good idea of course to have backflows installed through out ones home.

Tip 3:

Always remove any hoses that are in the water before turning the supply off. This includes garden hoses that may be filling buckets of who knows what. Hoses that may be filling a fish aquarium are culprits as well always place the hose above the water line before turning the supply off. This will ensure there is no backflow by creating an air gap.

Tip 4:

The name of the game is simply common sense when preventing any backflow. If there is not an air gap between the water and the hose that may be used then one can have backflow.

An air gap is simply a space between the hose and the water. When drain lines are run into sewers they are never placed directly in water they are up high when they discharge. The same is true for any hose in the home. Keep them directly out of the water. If one does not have backflow preventers installed these are things that must be watched closely. Hence, you must be able to call for a hydro jetting plumber service to ensure that there is no backflow in your house.

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