Back Pain Cure With Inversion Therapy

Inversion therapy has been around for centuries and is a very old back pain cure. It is becoming more popular today as a method for relieving back pain as it is very effective and a great alternative to over-the-counter pain relievers and CBD for pain.

Traditional medications for back pain treatment have always been considered effective but they can also cause many different side effects such as dizziness, headaches, nausea, heart palpitations, and drug dependency.

Advocates of inversion therapy are happy to say that such side effects are totally nonexistent when you use an inversion therapy table to get back pain relief.

Does Inversion Therapy Work?

I for one, love inversion therapy. The pressure of bulging discs is a wonderful feeling of relief to be sure! It is without a doubt that inversion therapy is quite a controversial method of back pain treatment.

Many consider it an alternative treatment and not mainstream, such as good old traction methods. Just as there are people who actively promote its use, there are also many groups who claim that this method will eventually cause more harm than good to a person’s health.

To make matters even more confusing, no study has ever proven or dis-proven the effectiveness of this new therapy. In other words, people are left on their own to decide whether inversion therapy will be the right treatment for them or not, even though thousands have used it as their own back pain cure.

So How Does Inversion Therapy Help Back Pain?

Basically, you will have to use a special inversion table that will hold you upside down or at least at an angle that is comfortable for you. Beginners are advised to use only a slight angle for the first sessions, gradually increasing until you are in a completely inverted position only when you are ready. Such a position will allow gravity to pull down on your back, stretching it out and realigning any discs that may have gotten out of proper position or alignment.

There are a few different kinds of inversion tables that you can use to relieve your back pain, each one offering its own unique features. But in choosing the table to use for inversion therapy, the most important consideration is your safety so you should select one that is attached to a stable base and locks into place.

Once, regardless of how safe and effective the table of your choice may be, you would have, had to have someone with you during every session of your inversion therapy. Your companion would act as a spotter, in case something went wrong while you were inverted. Now, this inversion therapy table has many safety features, where this would not be a problem. Why not try one for free today?

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