Avoiding Back Pain During Pregnancy; Few Tips To Be Followed

When my wife was pregnant with our first child, she suffered from an extreme amount of back pain. Although I cannot speak from experience, she told me on numerous times that back pain during pregnancy is equaled by no other type of back discomfort. If you feel that you might suffer from the same type of malady, follow these tips to avoid back pain during pregnancy.

Avoiding Back Pain During Pregnancy: Walking

My wife’s obstetrician advised that she take short walks around the neighborhood every day, never exceeding twenty or thirty minutes. This might be difficult during the first trimester because you’ll be dealing with morning sickness as well, but try taking the dog for a walk in the evenings, perhaps making it a ritual with your husband or boyfriend. It will help to ease the back muscles and keep you flexible and active. If a woman is suffering from low back pain, then she can consult to a specialist in New Jersey. The low back pain doctor new jersey will provide relief from the back pain to a pregnant woman.

Avoiding Back Pain During Pregnancy: Support While Sitting

It is the tendency of most of us to slump forward when we are sitting in a chair, but resist the urge to round your shoulders and lean forward. When typing at the computer or eating dinner, roll up a towel or place a pillow at your lower back to provide extra support. Relax your shoulders back rather than forward, and avoid leaning to either side.

Avoiding Back Pain During Pregnancy: Heat amp; Ice

During the afternoon – when back pain is usually at its worst – take time to alternate heat and ice on your back to reduce muscle inflammation. You can lay on your stomach and have someone else apply heat and ice packs or you can lean back into them in a chair or on a couch.

Avoiding Back Pain During Pregnancy: Straighten While Sleeping

If you prefer to sleep on your side, it can increase the pressure on your lower back during pregnancy. To avoid back pain related to sleeping position, place a pillow between your legs to elevate the knee and straighten your spine. This takes the pressure off your lower back and allows your weight to be proportioned evenly.

Avoiding Back Pain During Pregnancy: Comfortable Shoes

Even if you are a high-powered executive, you shouldn’t be wearing shoes that might compromise your comfort. Instead, wear only flats or tennis shoes that help to support your back and avoid anything that has a heel. If necessary, you can purchase a couple of Dr. Scholl’s inserts for added comfort.

Avoiding Back Pain During Pregnancy: Move Around

As tempting as it might be to sit in front of the television all day and eat ice cream and pickles, it’s much better to move around. If you sit or stand in one place for too long, your muscles will stiffen and cramp. Instead, vary your daily activities so that you walk, stand, sit and lie down in comparable amounts.

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