ARIZONAWho hasn’t heard about the many riches of the Grand Canyon? Arizona is home to one of the most beautiful national parks on the entire globe. The desert regions and their characteristic flora and fauna both captivate and intrigue the imagination of the others. It’s no wonder so many western movies have been shot here. What is lesser known is the attention horror movie producers pay to Arizona. Actually, Psycho’s plot was set in this particular state.

People living here are just as warm as the weather. Expect the traditional Southern hospitality, so famous in the US. They are hardworking individuals and their state has many laws guaranteeing its citizens’ work rights. Because of the weather conditions in this place, talking to Arizonians can be quite amusing. They don’t associate nature with green spaces and flora with actual flowers. Gardens to them can mean a display of rocks and dust. And who said bridges should make you think of water? The lands supposedly hide the legendary Chupacabra. The heat has some other side effects. In Arizona, it’s illegal to refuse someone asking for a glass of water. It’s also a felony to cut down cacti, which is understandable given the rare forms of life here.

ARIZONAIndeed, Arizona’s deserts have a very diverse and rarely seen vegetation. The Saguaro Cactus is their state plant. The beauty of the flowers blooming in the middle of the desert usually amazes visitors, including the glowing, bright buds of Palo Verde. The Oak-Creek Canyon resembles an oasis midst the red sands and beautiful rock formations of the state. The Meteor Crater attracts tons of tourists too. Chiricahua, the Huachuca Fort and San Xavier del Bac speak of the Indian presence in this region. Copper mines are a distinctive landmark, since Arizona is the top producer of the US. Parties in Arizona can get loud and are a nice way to introduce yourself to the others, so don’t miss any celebration!

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