Are Celebrity Personal Trainers Better Than Small-Town Trainers?

Are “trainers to the stars” better at their job, than are trainers to everyday, ordinary Janes and Joes? Celebrity trainers charge a minimum of $100 per hour — actually, that’s on the very low side; I’m sure they charge hundreds of dollars per hour — they get paid a lot more than if they were working at Bally Total Fitness, 24-Hour Fitness, the local recreation center, or some other health club or gym.

All a trainer needs is just one celebrity client to start the ball rolling, because that client will then tell all his celebrity friends of how great the trainer is. And before the trainer knows it, he or she will have celebrities lining up for sessions. Movie and TV stars will do whatever it takes to keep their bodies looking good, and they certainly have the money for it. Thus, celebrities often stay as long-term clients, or recurring clients. Some of the best personal trainers in Naples FL are accustomed to working with celebrities and big time enthusiasts. 

Trainers to the stars then start raking in some serious dough — enough to finance all sorts of training videos, DVDs and market books. In fact, many end up doing infomercials.

So this then creates the illusion that they have superior skills to some trainer who is employed by a chain health club or some independently-owned gym, or to a trainer who has a private business that caters to your average housewife, banker and manicurist.

But let’s use our heads here. The celebrity trainer doesn’t quite have the experience working with obese people as the average-Joe or average-Jane trainer! Look at the clientele of a trainer to the stars: People who don’t really have a lot of weight to lose, if any! In fact, many times, all the trainer is hired for is to get an already-svelte movie star looking a little more toned, or some already-athletically built male TV star appearing a bit more buff. How hard can that be?

Whereas, the trainer at Bally’s or some private gym near the local Wal-Mart ends up working with quite a few really out-of-shape people, complete with thunder thighs, spare tires, saddlebags, apple shaped bodies, the whole works.

So if you want to lose 80 pounds, whom do you think is more likely to be able to help you get there: the celebrity trainer whose most overweight client had to lose only 12 pounds? Or Jane from the recreation center who has helped dozens of morbidly-obese people lose weight?

Suppose you’re built like the Pillsbury Dough Boy and you want to look like an Olympic swimmer. Who’s more likely to get you there? The trainer to hot male movie stars who really doesn’t have a whole lot of work cut out for him, or the trainer who has transformed doughy men from some small town into Greek statues?

Just because someone has trained Renee Zellweger and Beyonce and Tom Cruise doesn’t mean he or she is any better than the trainer whose clientele is limited to people who do their shopping at Wal-Mart.

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