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Faucets can be classified into four types – compression, cartridge, disc, and ball. Out of these four types, only compression type faucet is a washer faucet. Others are washerless faucets. Reading Glacier bay faucet reviews will help you in understanding the difference between these different facets and how you can choose the best one according to your needs.

Compression faucets are the oldest type of faucets. One can find them in old homes. Many new homes have an updated version. This kind of faucet is the least expensive of all the four but is very much prone to both leakage and maintenance problems. One can easily identify this kind of faucet by the separate handles provided for hot and cold water. This kind of faucet requires one to tighten the handle so as to stop the flow of water. Compression faucets use a compression stem. This compression stem is more like a glorified screw that has a washer on one end. The washer is pressed against the valve seat.

Cartridge faucets work using a movable stem cartridge. This stem cartridge can be made to move up and down and in the process control the flow of water. One can identify this kind of faucet by the way it operates rather then by the way it looks. A double handle cartridge faucet can sometimes be indistinguishable from compression faucets when going by looks alone. They can however be distinguished by the feel one gets when they operate it. Unlike the case of compression faucets where one has to tighten the handle to stop the flow of water, the cartridge faucet has a smooth action. All one has to do is turn the handle towards the off position and the water stops flowing.

Disc faucets use the latest technology and one can easily identify them by their single lever which is found over a cylindrical body. The disc faucets have a wide cartridge that houses two ceramic discs. These ceramic discs slide over each other and in the process control both the temperature and the flow of water. This kind of faucet is generally of high quality. That is they are very reliable and one will not need to repair them often.

Ball faucets are the first type of washerless faucets to be used. One can easily identify this kind of faucet their single handle that operates a rounded ball shaped cap. This cap is found over the faucets spouts base. One can find either a plastic or metal ball inside the faucets body. This ball has slots or chambers that control both the temperature and the flow of water. Since the number of parts found in this kind of faucet is high they are more prone to leakage problems when compared with other types of washerless faucets.

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