Abusive Men..Why Do They Do It? Why Do Women Stay?

Have you or anyone you know been in an abusive relationship? If you are in the abusive relationship, do you think there are different degrees of abuse? As if your boyfriend or husband is not as bad as the man beating his wife on that talk show, or telling her she is worth nothing. Well you’re wrong. Being abused does not come in different degrees. It may be hard to get out but it is important to get out of that environment, especially if you have kids involved.

Taking a look deeper into an abusive relationship, may help us to understand why a man would do such violent things against women he claims to love. Is there something else going on? Could it be the woman’s fault? However, a prospect on the partner may lead to misunderstandings in the relationship. For confirmation, they can track cheating spouse cell phone for free through the installed application. There will be no charges for the tracking.

I have always wondered what is going on with the men, in their heads; could they be suffering from some type of mental instability? The uncontrollable rage that cause some men to go over the edge and kill. Women with low self worth are usually the ones who are in these types of relationships. It can come from a lack of fatherly love while growing up, and you’re looking for a person who can protect you. In stead you get someone who wants to control you. They want to know every move you make and try to control every aspect of your life. It can start from the clothes you wear or the way you wear your hair, and then move into the places you go and the people you hang out with. Finally leaving you isolated from everyone you love, remaining just with him as your outlet. But you can’t turn to him, because he is a monster in side. If you look at him the wrong way, or say the wrong thing to him it can become an all out war, with you as the losing team.

Thinking about the reasons why, the possibilities are endless. The men are so filled with hate and self doubt themselves, to make them feel better they pick on the person who is weaker. Someone who is afraid of them and cannot defend themselves, like a bully in a schoolyard picking on the smallest person who looks defenseless. To witness such abuse is alarming, disturbing and you feel helpless. How can you tell this woman who is being abused to leave and find solace somewhere else? In the end it is their decision, they will have to determine when enough is enough. But by then it may be too late.

In my own life abuse has been present; I have seen what it can do to a woman. I saw the effects of the mental abuse ware that person down. Her elf esteem was gone. She didn’t know where to go or who to turn to. It was so sad and disappointing. This man she was with was just horrible to her. He treated her like trash and made sure he told her that everyday. One day she I saw her with a puffy eye; she told me she ran into the door. I just walked the other way. I didn’t want to hear anymore. Help was offered to her but she didn’t take it, for years she endured this abuse. Until, he went off to jail, not for domestic violence, and she was bale to get her life together. I later found out about his behavior through her. He abused her because of his own demons. He was battling with homosexuality, he was attracted to men, and because he had to put up this act and he couldn’t be what he wanted to be he took it out on her.

There is no doubt that being an abuser there has to be something wrong with you mentally to think it is ok to beat down someone mentally and physically. Whether those things you are battling are your sexuality, or some childhood abuse by a family member, or being a witness to abuse while growing up. Maybe the parents didn’t give them enough attention and this why they need constant reinforcement in a relationship. Whatever the case maybe it is so important to get help no matter if you are the abuser or the one who is being abused. Talking to someone and getting help for the problem can make a difference not only in the relationship but to oneself, which is more important than anything.

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