A Guide For Assistance To My City Life On Facebook

My City Life on Facebook is a game that is similar to Sim City. The object of the game is to grow your town by building up the population and buildings. While this is a simple game to play there are some factors within the game that make it challenging.


In MyCity Life there are two types of currency. The first one is coins. Coins can be earned by collecting taxes from your buildings. They can also be earned by selling buildings, such as items you do not want that were given as gifts. The second currency is credits. Credits can mainly be purchased with real world money. You do earn a credit each time you go up a level but some of the better things in the game cost quite a bit of credits and will not be easy to obtain without a purchase of credits. You can still survive without credits but you will not be able to get everything in the game.


One of the first things you will need to do is build buildings. There are houses that can be built that allow you to have more citizens in your city. You can also build service buildings such as power plants and schools. Businesses and entertainment building can be built as well. In the transportation section you can build your roads and some buildings that affect the transportation of your city. All of these buildings have dependencies on one another and you will have to build them in the correct blend in order to expand in My City Life on Facebook.


In My City Life the houses will need power and transportation to be built. Services will require citizens and transportation. Businesses require citizens, power, and transportation. As you can see transportation is a key factor in the game and for the most part requires simply that you build roads. There are other buildings that will give you transportation points but some of those cause pollution.

Side effects

Some of the buildings in My City Life will have side effects. For instance most of the businesses will increase the crime rate. Some buildings will cause pollution. These are of course negative things that are not good for your city. On the other hand you can combat these with other buildings or in the case of pollution building trees or a nature building.

Other features

My City Life is still in development and will continue to grow and change as new features are added. The key thing to remember is the taxes on the buildings are timed. If you do not collect the taxes on time, you will not get as much money. Also building and collecting taxes are how you gain experience. Higher levels mean more building available to build with. Since no guide can ever cover every aspect of the game my suggestion is to just play My City Life and have fun. The gamers rank easy games on the websites. it will assist other gamers in playing the game for winning. From the rankings, the selection from easy to hard level can be made through the players.

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