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Factors Responsible To Create Company In Andorra

March 12, 2021

Even though Crear Empresa en Andorra may not be a part of the European Union, it uses the euro and...

Promoting Your Business By Utilizing The Power And Force Of Search Engine Marketing

February 27, 2021

Boosting your marketing strategies includes a strong understanding of Search Engine Marketing...

The Home Business Scams: All Recruiting – No Selling

February 15, 2020

Any business telling you that you don't have to sell something to...


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Tesla’s choice of Nevada for gigafactory boon to NV mining

December 28, 2018

The anticipated announcement by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval Thursday afternoon that Tesla...

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Weight Loss Pills Fertility – Know about the fertility

I was taking birth control pills for 2 months. I finished me second pack of pills and stopped taking them right after that, so I wasn’t in the middle of a cycle. I had unprotected sex on my highest fertility day, just once and he came inside of me. I have taken 3 hpts and all of them were negative. I haven’t been stressed out, no change in diet or excercise, and no weight gain or loss. I haven’t had a period in 10 weeks. Could I be pregnant? Should I go get a blood test, or is it because I stopped taking birth control? Thank you for you help!

I would suggest that you do have the test done.

It’s very possible to get a negative HPT, and more than once for that matter.

It could be one of two things here – either

A) The fact that you stopped taking the pills could be messing up your cycle -or-

B) You could be pregnant.

Like I said, I suggest having the blood test done, just in case – you never know!

The coolsculpting before and after stomach treatment results are monitored through the people. The purchasing of the pills from the reputed site will offer many benefits to the people. The use of the correct details is available with the checking of the reviews and rankings.

Best of luck to you, and congrats if you are!

Weight Loss & Fertility

Rob Poulos, who has battled his weight since childhood. Now he has it and so did his wife. His new program is called Fat Burying Furnace, which is one of the most popular fat loss programs today, and his book has many good reviews.

fat burning oven is completely different from all others because it is based on the increase in RMR (metabolic rate resting), which is a total new concept for most of us. The program aims to find a way to increase the number of calories your body is falling apart without any outside interference or action. That is, when at rest, fat burn easily. The program also involves some exercise, but not enough you can expect. Eachday training 20 minutes and 2-3 days a week sounds too easy for us, but work.Nutrition also a key ingredient in this program. When you are on a diet, you may find it difficult to lose a few pounds of weight without diet. Because if you do not take in enough nutients, eat more food trash and gain more weight. Therefore, foods with adequate nutrients are indespensible for any weight-combatants.

Now, you do not have to take pills or go to the gym. Now you can simply eat your delicious food and exercise regularly and your fat is buried at a distance. Follow And you’ll see dramatic results ranging from a few pounds off to a healthy and harmonious life. And you also show that it is not a scam at all. Test Click here for free

Lords Mobile- Build Your Own Kingdom And Rule

Do you like true realistic role-playing games? If yes, then lord mobile is the one you should not miss as you will find loads of heroes waiting for you. The graphics of this game is mind blowing, so people who love realistic and high-resolution graphics should go for it without any second thought at all. You will come to tackle various dark evils, and it might not be easy for you if you are alone.

You need to build your own army, and if you want to upgrade them, then some gems might be required. Lord’s mobile free gems can be possible as there are some services you can get online those who can help you in getting free gems just by completing the surveys. So once you start building your own army and troops, it will become easier to fight wars.

This game is all about doing battles and keeps growing in the game, so you can play it right on your mobile phone easily, and if you not, then you can try it over online services too. The world will be magical, so you need to learn some magic tricks if you want to win the fights without any problems at all.

Build your own strategy

You should build your own strategy if you want to stay till the end like a one man army. Also, war is not enough as you need to unlock new things like defense buildings and many other troops because they are important too.  If you want your village to look attractive and defensive at the same time, then you need to purchase decorative, which can be done with the help of in-app currencies.

Dark elves and steampunk robots are the ones you can add to your army, which can fulfill your magical world. Your main aim is to fight and conquer the empire and rule the kingdom. You will a different section in which you can keep track of your troops, like how much time they will take to get ready for the battle.

Good internet connection required.

It is an online multiplayer game, so a good internet connection is required if you do not want to face any kind of issue. You cannot run this game without an internet connection because you have to fight with the real world players, and they can be pro in it, so you need to focus on the training matches too. In that, you will come to learn different strategies and powers that you can use in order to win the battle.


Do not ever rush in the battle because it might make you to lead a very wrong decision, so you should play this game with a proper plan. Make sure to send those troops first, which are low in hit-points, so that the stronger one can provide proper support to them from the back. In this way, you can win the battles easily without any issue at all.

Chinchilla Health and Care

So lately you’ve been trolling the market of pets and something exotic is what you have in mind. Between bearded dragons, iguanas, aviaries, and amphibians, you spotted a cute, fuzzy Chinchilla. Do you know anything about them? And do you really think the pre-pubescent kid you’re talking to knows what he’s talking about? No, hardly not. He wants to make a sale, get commission and get it over with. Here are the many things you didn’t know about chinchillas

So what do Chins live in? You can’t go and get just any old cage. It has to be tall and wide enough for your Chin to easily move. They do not grow to be very large, but jumping a distance of six feet is easy for them. The more room they have, the less stressed the Chin will be. Do NOT buy a birdcage. People do this all the time, and then end up having an amputee pet. The wires in a birdcage are sufficient for afoot to fall through and then get broken because they can’t get it out. Ferret and Chinchilla palaces are excellent and Pre-assembled, just snap that bad boy in place, pour some bedding in, get some dishes and you’re almost in business.

OK, you got the cage? Awesome… Next article of business! BEDDING! I swear if you get wood chip bedding for your chin, you need to be shot. Really! Wood chips cause respiratory illness in many small animals, and sometimes in dogs and cats. Don’t use it. Get the fluffy stuff! Care-fresh pet bedding is awesome. Your pet will need something to eat out of. Glass or ceramic bowls are best, as you can sanitize them, and they’re chew proof. I prefer to have small hay and feed balers that are metal and attach to the outside of the cage. your pet is less likely to defecate in something suspended mid cage, and it will provide some degree of exercise because they’ll have to reach for it. Petsmart has them for rather cheap. You will also need a water bottle! Don’t hang it inside the cage. They will eat it. If you cannot understand this concept, don’t buy a Chinchilla.

So, you have the cage, bedding, feeders, and water bottle. You need to chew toys, food, treats, a dust bath, and a dust bathhouse! Chew toys may seem to lie something you can skimp on, but they’re not. A chin will ruin its’ cage and whatever else it can get if it doesn’t have chews. It can also cause health problems because its teeth grow all of its life. Lava landings are awesome, and so are lava chews. Wood chews are cool too, just make sure they are specifically for chinchillas. The best food in my experience, and according to ingredients, is called Carefresh Complete FOR CHINCHILLAS. Do not buy a rabbit, Guinea pig, hamster or ferret food for a chinchilla. It does not have the proper nutrition. Hay is a staple concerning chins. I use Oxbow. Get the Botanical Hay or plain Western Timothy hay. DO NOT USE ALFALFA! Treats are another touchy category. I buy dehydrated fruits and veggies or get them fresh fruits and veggies, but only a little. If you give them too much, they become crap propelled jet packs. A dust bath is important. Chinchillas do not bathe in water, it makes their skin crack and bleeds. You must provide a dust bath for at least 2 days a week. I get Vanilla Bean scented Pet Scentations brand. Don’t use a sand bath. IT SUCKS. Anything can be used as a bathhouse though. Mine is shaped like a chinchilla, but anything with a large enough opening can be used.

In short, they are expensive, but they will give you many years of love and entertainment as a part of your family.

5 Ways to Avoid the Nasty Problems of Home Mortgages

For the last 10 years or so it has been the number one goal of banks, mortgage companies and even the government to help everyone own a home. With this type of goal set for the country, a large number of different guidelines had to be developed. Guidelines that would allow for even the least fortunate of us to qualify for a lifetime of debt and certain bankruptcy.

Intelligence and common sense have gone out the window and caused the banking institutions to begin claiming foul. Bankers are blaming the consumers, consumers are blaming the banks and everyone is blaming the government, when the real culprit is common sense. There are currently more than 65,000 current variations of loan programs available to the consumer.

If you are not careful you will fall into one of these 65,000 variations and find yourself owning a home. Whether you like it or not! You certainly don’t want to find yourself dealing with san diego bankruptcy attorney because you’ve got nasty problems of home mortgages. You should be careful and wise with your actions. If necessary, seek for advice and support from your network.

By following the five simple steps listed below you can keep yourself out of trouble.

Make sure you don’t work! If you do work for cash only or work for yourself and write off everything on your taxes making sure you show only losses. By not working or hiding your income you make it hard even for a liberal banker or mortgage company to take you seriously. If you must work change jobs every couple of months and make sure that you don’t work in the same profession for more than a year or two. But beware. There are many companies that will still consider you a prime candidate for home ownership just based on your ability to breathe.

Always pay your bills late or better yet don’t pay them at all. If you continue the responsible habit of paying your bills regularly and on time then it becomes much easier for you to be trapped into getting a mortgage. By not paying for anything, eventually credit companies and bill collectors will stop bothering you and you will not have to worry about dealing with them.

Apply for every credit card that you can. Just allowing all those companies to pull your credit report will show that you are actively looking to go into debt. Now, initially this may cause you to be a better candidate but after 25 or 30 times of having your credit pulled (inside 90 days), they will look at you differently. This is the time that you can relax a little. You do have to go thru this process every 3 months to keep current but just fill out forms on the internet and let the credit boys waste their money pulling your credit file. You will actually be helping the economy as every time they pull your credit they have to spend money and that will keep someone in a job.

Buy or lease a big ticket item whenever you need it. Don’t worries about the long term costs; just go for the places that offer quick and easy financing to everyone. Use it for the time you want and then just quit paying and let them repossess the item or take it back.

Please don’t save any money. At least not in a bank or credit union. Use the backyard, a mattress or let your brother-in-law hold it for you. The more money and assets you have put away the bigger the target that you become.

Now just doing one of these items does not insure that you will not qualify for a home loan. To be really sure that you will never qualify it takes a massive effort and a combination of the above items. So to be really sure you need to accomplish at least two of these things and then follow up on them every couple of months just to make sure.

Having completed a really tongue and cheek poke at the lending industry, the items I have listed above are the most common reasons people are denied a mortgage. You must control these areas in order to be a good candidate for home ownership. You must also make sure that you have the help of a qualified professional who will guide you through the process so that it makes good financial sense for you and your family.

Benefits of Using Dried Fruit

Dried fruit I am sure that we have all seen the large bags in the store that are available, but they have a higher price than the fresh fruit. I know that for me a lot of times my kids and I are not able to eat the total amount of fresh fruit before it spoils. However, I know that dried fruit last a lot longer than the fresh fruit. While the fresh fruit tends to be better, I know that for lasting during the winter on my food stockpile and avoiding the cost increases that the stores have because the supply is lower in the winter.

I know that the first benefit that I have found from using dried fruit is that I am able to purchase a large quantity of the fruit while it is in season and able to dry the fruit myself. I know that you will probably want to read a book on how to dry each individual fruit so that you can have the benefit of being able to use your own dried fruit. I know that if you dry the fruit yourself you will save significantly and even be able to avoid the cost of the drying process done by someone else.

The second benefit with using dried fruit is that typically the same nutritional value is present. I know that at times you will lose some of the minerals and such because of the dehydrating process, but I know that a lot of times you are able to keep most of them in. I know that if I purchase a bag of dried fruit at the store I am still getting a good source of nutrition for me and my kids during the winter months. While at the same time I am going to be able to keep the fruit longer so if my kids or I get sick of the fruit I will be able to maintain the stock pile and not have to compost as much.

The third benefit is that the fruit even though it is dried still taste wonderful. Not only that if the fruit is dried too much and hard all that I have to do to moisten them back up is place them into a little bit of water for them to reabsorb the moisture content. I know that this works out really well and helps keep the fruit tasting great to!

There’s nothing like a tasty dry fruit to keep you going to fill your insides with vigor and vitality and that is why I came across various fitnessabout reviews online to know what other benefits it can provide and since then, I always carry a couple of them to the gym everyday.

Dried fruit is a great item to have lying around your house. I know that it might seem a little expensive at first, but if you purchase your fruits in large quantities and then have them go bad prior to you eating all of them then you will probably agree that using dried fruit would save you a lot of money to.

Here Are The 4 Ultimate Tips For Improving And Extending Your Samsung Galaxy Battery Life!

The battery life used in your device depends on how you have used the battery. Each phone has different batteries, and their battery life is also differing from every cell. You can check the battery life of your phone from the user manual. As there are several ways through which you can easily extend as well as improve your cell phone battery. Theirs came several situations when we forgot the data cable, or we are rushing somewhere with a low battery. In such types of situations, we can still manage with low battery to survive the day.  Now, in the lower section, you will be going to read about 4 tips and tricks through which one can extend as well as improve battery life, such as:

  • Lower the brightness of your phone:

the first way to extend the battery life of your Samsung galaxy is to lower the brightness of your phone. As due to high brightness, the battery life automatically reduces. In some simple steps, you can easily lower down the brightness of your phone. For this, you need to swipe up the notification panel from your home screen. Here you will get a bar option from low battery to high battery. By turning down, you can reduce the brightness easily. Not only this, but you can also reduce the screen time-out so that less battery will be used. For acknowledging this, you need to set it in 30 seconds so that after 30 seconds, your phone will be automatically locked. This process will only be considered when you are not doing any functionality on your phone.

  • Remove unused applications:

the next thing which should be considered by you is to uninstall the unused applications. If you are not using any application, then it is beneficial for you to either close that application or delete the application form your cell phone. One of the fastest ways to delete the applications from your phone is to long drag on the home screen and then cross the application which you want to delete. You can easily save a galaxy s7 battery by removing unwanted and unused applications.

  • Off Bluetooth, wifi, and GPS:

if you are not using any application, then it will be beneficial for you if you will shut your internet connection, Bluetooth, as well as GPS. When your wifi is running, then it uses a lot of power. By turning them off, you can highly save your phone’s battery.

  • Low power mode:

whenever your phone’s battery is running out, then it is better for you to consider low power mode or turn the power saving mode. As by considering it, your phone’s battery will be saved, and you can use your phone in case of emergency or when needed.

Accommodate these 4 ultimate tips for improving and extended your Samsung galaxy battery life in an easy and appropriate way so that you can use your phone with the low battery too.

Watch Out for Accountants’ Gimmicks

Oh yes, even accountants have gimmicks they employ to try and get you to use their services. Let’s not say that they will come right out and lie, there are honest accountants after all, but they won’t try to dissuade you from some of the following inaccurate beliefs.

Accountants want you to believe that your income tax return is too difficult for you to file yourself. With the rates a CPA will charge you to file your income tax return, they must have some special sort of trick up their sleeves, right?

Well, under certain circumstances you can probably file your own income tax return just as effectively as any accountant. If you rent, work for someone else, and don’t have an investment income, you can file a 1040EZ with the Internal Revenue Service. A 1040EZ is just that; it’s easy. There is no reason you would need an accountant or anyone else to file forms for you under these circumstances. They do not have any mystical tax talents to create a tax break where one does not exist. Even if your circumstances are a little more complicated, like you meet the previous criteria but you do have some investments, the Turbo Tax program will cost you about $50 to prepare such a return. The accountant will charge you more than that for you to walk through his door and sit in his chair. Even if you have your own business, Turbo tax will prepare the return for around $110. Still, far less than a CPA.

Next, they want you to believe that you could make a mistake. On this one they are right. Guess what? They could make a mistake too, and they often do. In a limited study of national tax preparing services, the Government Accountability Office found that all of the returns filed from metropolitan errors had errors. That number, again, was all the returns. Yeah, you could make a mistake. So, what? Proper information should be available with the person about the strategy adopted to increase the revenue. Many owners are having doubt that is bookkeeper business launch a scam? The business will provide a shortcut to the owner to generate incom, it should not be confused with a scam. The benefits of the option will be massive for the person. 

Next, the accountants will infer that if you do not use a CPA, you will get audited. No one knows the standards the IRS uses to determine who and when to audit, but who prepared your return probably isn’t one of them. Of taxpayers with earnings under $100,000, only about one percent get audited every year. I’ll take a one percent chance against a CPA’s rates any day. How about you?

Now, they’ll tell you that you get more personalized service. While I admit that a computer program isn’t nearly as engaging as a human individual, the one preparing the return with a Turbo Tax program is you. I respectfully suggest that it just doesn’t get any more personalized than that. Secondly, accountants are like doctors, the more people they see the more money they make. Do you think they want to spend extra time with you?

Smoking Stinks: Three Non-Health Related Reasons Why

All health reasons aside, these are some smoking pet peeves of mine. If you must smoke, please at least have respect for your environment, public and private property and your loved ones. I discuss these concerns below.

  1. Butts Everywhere!

There is nothing I hate more than when smokers toss their butts on the ground. Folks, this is littering. It seems that many smokers, while they would never toss cups out the window, feel it is quite all right to toss a butt on the side of the road. Certain intersections in my area are just covered with butts. At every stop, I can feel my face getting as red as the light when I see piles of orange and white butts.

The world is not an ashtray! I wish car manufacturers would put ashtrays back in cars. I know that many do not in hopes to discourage smoking, but I feel all this does is encourage litterbugs. I live in an extremely beautiful area, so when I see litter on the roadside, I think ‘scumbag!’ How dare someone say they like living in the country because of the beauty, but then litter. If beer cans and McDonald’s bags aren’t enough, there are also butts everywhere. Come on! Have some respect for Mother Nature. No wonder she’s pouring down extreme weather on us. Smoke from our cigarettes is not also healthy for other people. Studies say that second hand smokers have more chances of getting lung cancer compared to the smokers themselves. You should be responsible in your actions towards the environment and the people around you.

The school I work at has a smoking area with a sand bucket for proper butt disposal. Does it work? Not all the time. Butts still end up everywhere. It makes the student entrance look gross. Don’t people have pride in their school? Or for that matter when generally speaking of all locations, pride in wherever they work? Someone has to clean all that up! Thank goodness our visitors use a different door.

Another pet peeve of mine is how disrespectful people are with their butts while on others property. At my old house, which was rented, we had a great summer party. The next day, I found our driveway to be littered with butts. It was so upset at my smoker friends for just throwing butts all over our landlord’s driveway. I had to pick up every single butt.

At parties, it is so easy to dispose of butts-just throw them in an empty beer can or plastic cup. These are people I care about and they care about me, so why don’t they care about my property?

Smokers: you are not exempt from littering laws.

  1. Smoking Stinks! Smelly Hands!

My mom is a chain smoker (read my related story here). They say that our olfactory sense is associated with memories. Whenever I smell a smoker’s stinky hands, I revert to memories of my mom wiping my face as a kid. I can’t describe it in words, really, but it’s that stale smell that seems to linger on a smoker’s smoking hand. It disgusts me.

When my mom would fix my hair or do anything where her hands were close to my nose I just felt sick. In all seriousness, I was never touchy-feely with my mom as far as hugging as a child. Now that I dig deep and reflect, I think it was because her smell repulsed me. I would suggest the smokers wash their hands frequently, or just cover it up with a fragrant lotion.

As an aside, when I was on the dating scene, there were some nice gentleman who were interested in me who puffed away. I never considered even remotely dating them because I could not get intimate with someone who stinks like that. I can handle it if I have to in small doses, but I don’t want someone in my personal space who has stale smoke smelling hands.

  1. The Morning After

There is nothing I hate more than waking up the morning after a night out at the bar. This is nothing that an individual smoker can really prevent-this one has to do more with local lawmakers who have the power to ban smoking in public places. When I wake up after a night out, even though I changed out of my bar attire and into pajamas, I reek like stale smoke. The clothes in the hamper stink. I no longer wear my jacket into the bar, no matter how cold it is. Dry cleaning is expensive. When I take a shower in the morning, I can almost feel the smoke rising out of my hair. It reeks. I wash my hair twice. Unless laws change, the smoke stench will linger and non-smokers have to deal with it too.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why people should not smoke. However, I feel it is not going anywhere. There are some behavioral changes smokers can make to help make the world a better place.

Flower Photography Tip: Photoshop Layer Blending

You will find your work more meaningful and your work flow more purposeful if you start from a firm concept in your head. True, there are happy “accidents” in Photoshop, but you will work faster from a mental blueprint than you would aimlessly trying out Photoshop effects, not to mention you will find the end product more satisfying.

Step 1

Take the picture

I asked my friend if could take a photo of their roses, and he gladly gave me three. Though three’s a dynamic number in photographic composition, I decide to photograph just two of them to represent my friend’s and his wife’s vow to stay together forever.

I position the two flowers on a sheet of white light cardboard and light them with a large soft box, set to its lowest intensity for shallow depth of field. I manage this with my 100mm f/2.8 lens full open.

Step 2

Prepare the background elements

You’ll be surprised what you can use as props and background if you just put your mind to it. To create the first background layer, I scan a piece of ply board on a flatbed scanner. This board was not a model of perfection: it had golden yellow paint smudges on it, and in addition, I rough it up some more with sandpaper.

First, get a photoshop mac download, then open the scan in Photoshop, I make a copy (Image  gt; Duplicate…) and change the color to green using “Image  gt; Adjustments gt; Hue/Saturation” with “Colorize” checked. I’ll call this the green rough texture.

I make another copy of the scanned texture and change the color to blue in “Hue! Saturation.” This is the blue rough texture.

Step 3

Improve contrast

Going back to the green rough texture, I press “Command-J” (Windows: Control-J) to duplicate the Background layer. In the “Layers” palette, set the blend mode of this duplicate layer to “Multiply” and reduce the “Opacity” to 90% and “Layer Fill” to 70%. This is to give more contrast against the flowers.

Step 4

Create the document

Create a new document, A4 size, with white as background, and drag the blue and green rough textures over, one above the other. Resize them to the same width but not to the same height, leaving some white around them and between them.

Step 5

Open the second background layer.

Scan another rough board for a second background layer. By the way, when scanning rough objects on your flatbed scanner, be very careful you don’t scratch the glass surface of the flatbed. You may want to put a sheet of the clearest plastic between the glass and the object.

Step 6

Extract the inner texture.

I’m not using the whole texture pattern of my second scan, just the inner portion. I will use a “Channel Mask” to extract this portion.

In the “Channels” palette, examine each of the RGB channels by pressing the Red (A), Green (B), and Blue channels individually. Pick the one with the highest contrast, which is the Blue channel, and drag this channel to the “Create new channel” icon at the bottom of the “Channels” palette.

With this duplicate channel active, choose “Command-L” (Windows: Control-L) for “Levels.

Step 7

Add the second textured background.

Holding down “Command” (Windows: Control), click on the modified channel to load it as a selection, then press “Command- Shift-I” (Windows: Control-Shift-I) to invert the selection. Back in the “Layers” palette, click on the “Create a new layer” icon at the bottom of the palette, and fill it with white (Mac OS: “Command-Delete”; Windows: “Control-Backspace” to apply the Background color).

Drag this white texture over to my document in progress and press “Command-T” (Windows: Control-T) to resize it to fit inside the green and blue rough textures. Before pressing “Return” (Windows: Enter) to commit the resizing, “Control-click” (Windows: right-click) on the image and choose “Flip horizontal” then press “Return/Enter”.

Step 8

Add the flowers.

Open the flowers photograph and drag it to the composite document, above the textured backgrounds, and resize it by pressing “Command-T” (Windows: Control-T) and dragging out the handles.

In the “Layers” palette, “Command click” (Windows: Control-click) on the thumbnail of Layer 3 (the white texture) to load it as a selection. With “Layer 4” (the flowers) still active, click the “Add layer mask” icon in the “Layers” palette to clip the flowers image to the white texture.

Since the last step turned the white background of the flowers into a white textured background, delete the white texture (Layer 3) so as not to increase its density in the next steps.

Step 9

Finish the upper half

Press “Command-J” (Windows: Control-J) to duplicate Layer 4, and click the eye Icon of “Layer 4” to hide the layer. In the “Layers” palette, I change the blend mode of “Layer 4 copy” to “Linear light” and reduce its “Opacity” to 60% (A).

Choose “Image  gt; Adjustments gt; Hue/Saturation” on the menu and bump up the “Hue” slider a bit. “Command-click” (Windows: right-click) on the layer mask and choose “Apply layer mask.”

“Command-click” (Windows: Control click) on the thumbnail of “Layer 2” to load it as a selection, then click on the “Add layer mask” icon in the “Layers” palette to clip “Layer 4 copy” to the blue background.

Step 10

Finish the bottom half; make another copy of “Layer 4,” and likewise apply the layer mask of “Layer 4 copy 2”.

Choose “Image  gt; Adjustments  gt; Hue/Saturation” on the menu and bump up the “Hue” slider to make the flower petals more yellow than orange.

Press “Command-J” to copy this layer and set the copy’s blend mode to “Overlay” and its “Opacity” to 60%. Then make a copy of this “Overlay” layer too.

Press “Command-E” twice to merge the two “Overlay” layers with “Layer 4 copy 2,” and reduce the “Opacity” of the resulting merged layer to 70%.

“Command-click” on the thumbnail of the green background to load it as a selection, then click the “Add layer mask” icon in the “Layers” palette to clip “Layer 2 copy 2” to the green background.

Step 11

Final touches.

Click on the eye icon of Layer 4 to unhide it and drag this layer downward below the green and blue rough textures. At your option, you may apply the layer mask (Command-click and choose apply). Before closing the file, reduce the “Fill” to 70% in the “Layers” palette.

Gift Ideas for Lord of the Rings Fans

People are just as crazy about the Lord of the Rings as they are about Harry Potter. When the third movie came out, Lord of the Rings fans went to theaters and spent all night watching all three movies which are probably over seven hours long. In other words, Lord of the Rings fans are very passionate about this series. There are several gifts that help feed this passion. In fact, here are eight great gift ideas for the Lord of the Rings fan in your life.

Companion Books:

Those who have read the Lord of the Rings series will tell you that it can be confusing at times. This gift helps to explain certain parts of the story. There are several different ones. One that I suggest is the called, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Middle Earth. Rivendell elves Play a supportive role in the drama lords of the rings. The character has built a strong image for the engagement of the audience in the book and the movie. 


Well, for anyone whose ever read the Lord of the Rings series or seen the movies, they know there is one great piece of jewelry to be had; the ring. One ring to rule them all. There are other great gift ideas from this category. For example, there are several pieces of jewelry that were worn in the movies. Everything from rings to necklaces and all of them can easily be found online.


Every Lord of the Rings fan, who has seen the movies, has a favorite actor/actress. A poster of that favorite actor/actress is a gift that the Lord of the Rings fan will surely love. In fact, I know they will because I got my Granny two Lord of the Rings posters for her birthday a couple years back (she’s a huge Lord of the Rings fan) and she loved them.

Special Editions:

Lord of the Rings fans are just like Harry Potter fans when it comes to special editions. They want all the different covers, the edition that has all the books in one volume, and then there are also the leather bound editions. Look around and see what you can find.

First Editions:

A Lord of the Rings fan would bow down at your feet upon receiving such a gift. In other words, these are very hard to come by, but if you can and it’s at a reasonable price, you really must buy it. Used bookstores, yard sales, etc may be run by sellers who don’t realize what they have and you may find a great price. Keep your eyes open when shopping at such places and just maybe you’ll find this perfect gift.


If the Lord of the Rings fan in your life doesn’t have these DVDs, you really must buy them for them. A perfect gift in this category is the editions that come with the collectibles. The Fellowship of the Ring Gift Set comes with a set of Argonath bookends, The Two Towers Gift Set comes with a statue of Gollum, and The Return of the King Gift Set comes with a Minas Tirith keepsake box.


There are so many great gifts in this category. Everything from fancy chess sets to figurines to goblets. One of the best places to find these gifts is from The Noble Collection. Any Lord of the Ring fan would love gifts from this site. My Granny has found several gifts that she would like to have on there. Please note that these collectibles are not cheap, but are very high quality.


Now finding a Tolkein autograph would be absolutely amazing. The prospect of getting such a gift would make most Lord of the Rings fans drool. You would probably have to shell out a few hundred, if not thousand for such a gift. Instead, find out who their favorite actor/actress was in the films and buy an autograph of one of those people instead. Better yet, send a letter to them and request an autographed picture. Do this several months before the holidays to ensure the picture arrives in time.

These gifts would make any Lord of the Rings fan very happy.