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Tesla’s choice of Nevada for gigafactory boon to NV mining

December 28, 2018

The anticipated announcement by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval Thursday afternoon that Tesla...

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A Guide to Security Doors, Security Windows, and Security Window Film

If you live in an area where break-ins are relatively common, you might want to invest in security doors and windows for your home.

Security doors and windows provide another barrier between you and the person that wishes to break in. It is still possible to break into a home with security doors and windows, but, it takes a lot more time and effort. A burglar will often see that you have security doors and windows, and go on to easier pickings, because someone who breaks in to houses wants to get in and out as fast as possible. Putting up an extra barrier is very discouraging to a burglar.

Unfortunately, a lot of security doors and windows come with a stigma. If you use them in an area where they aren’t commonly used, you can expect to get dirty looks from your neighbors. Your neighbors will say that you make the area look bad and that you are lowering the value of their homes. You want to be secure, but do you want to alienate the people in the neighborhood?

Fortunately, if you’re willing to spend a little bit more; you can get better-looking security doors and windows. Actually, if you are willing to spend money, you won’t have to resort to security doors and windows; you can get doors made out of thicker-gauge material, thicker glass, etc. For a lot of people, this may prove to be enough.

How common do people try to kick down your door, however? Kicking down a door is a less common way to break into a house, because kicking down a door makes a lot of noise, and may attract attention, something most burglars want to avoid. Chances are, if someone is going to break into your home, it will be through one of your windows.

Burglars are experienced enough to make such a mistake and they would be extremely foolish to risk it, thereby making windows a likelier option to enter the house without any risk so for strong measures, you can visit the website on how to deal with them.

You can still get the fancy security door or the more expensive “regular” door that is made out of thicker-gauge materials. There’s nothing wrong with making your whole house more secure, but, it makes more sense to secure your windows first, because burglars commonly enter your home through your windows.

Fortunately, there is a way to make your windows more secure without resorting to security windows. You can get security window film. If you’ve locked all of your windows properly, the only way a burglar can get in through your window is to break it, which is commonly done. If you install window film, the burglar won’t be able to get in so easily, because the film holds the glass in place after the burglar attempts to break it. In order to get in through the window, the burglar will have to keep on trying to break the glass to get in. Remember that the burglar wants to get in and out of your home as fast as possible, without attracting attention. So, the window film acts as an extra barrier, slowing down the burglar considerably. The nice thing about the security window film is that you don’t have to go to the trouble of installing new windows to make your windows more secure. Also, security window film is available in several strengths, so, if you live in an area where hurricanes are a possibility, you can buy security window film that will stand up to hurricanes.

Security doors and windows are effective, and, if break-ins are a common occurrence, buying both security doors and windows makes sense, but, for most people, installing security window film should be sufficient. The peace of mind you’ll have from knowing that your home is secure is worth all the extra trouble.

How To File For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy In Michigan

The word “bankruptcy” has a lot of stigma attached to it, but the truth is, bankruptcy is very common. It’s easy to be able to purchase items, take out loans, etc. when you have regular steady income from a job, but once that job is gone, the income disappears and you can’t make the payments you were once able to make with ease. What can you do without having to lose your house, car, or home furnishings? Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is one option.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is different from a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Chapter 13 allows you to create a “Plan” with a United States Standing Trustee that will allow you to pay your creditors and wipe your slate clean. Most people are usually able to keep their homes and vehicles, although it differs by case. Whereas a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a complete dissolution of your assets. You can lose your home, car and anything else of value. This article will discuss Chapter 13 Bankruptcy only.

It is possible to file for bankruptcy without an attorney, although this is not recommended. Court forms are available from your local Bankruptcy Court. However, these can be tricky and navigating through the Court system is very complicated, so you’ll probably want an attorney by your side to explain what is happening. Make sure you check out my article on selecting and finding the right bankruptcy attorney in Michigan, this is an important decision! Assuming you’ve read that article and now have your attorney nailed down, you’ll need to collect all of your bills, mortgage documents, loan documents, ownership papers, bank statements, pay stubs, and anything else your attorney tells you to collect. Bankrupt debtors are checking most reviews for bankruptcy lawyer san diego for the hiring. The filling of the documents will be under the laws for winning of the case.

Take all of these documents in to your attorney where s/he will begin to fill out your bankruptcy Schedules. These Schedules talk about your income, assets, bills and debt. They will help your attorney come up with a payment Plan for your case. Your payments will be made to a Trustee on a regular basis (determined by the Court), usually bi-weekly through a deduction in your paycheck (or if that isn’t possible, by a deduction from your bank account). The Trustee will use those funds to pay your creditors, such as your credit card companies and your mortgage. Other payments you’ll have to continue making yourself, such as insurance policies, as determined by your Plan.

You will first have to go to a Section 341 Meeting of Creditors. This is the first Court appearance where any of your creditors will have the option to come to the hearing and make comments (they rarely do). At this meeting, you’ll meet with a Trustee attorney and your attorney where they will review your Schedules. The Trustee will make any suggestions needed to “tweak” your Plan before you go to the next hearing, your confirmation hearing. At your confirmation hearing, your Plan will get confirmed with a payment amount and Plan length.

You’ll make these payments for 3-5 years. During that time, if you get a raise, get laid off, have another child, etc., you’ll be able to modify your Plan payments so they can fit within your budget. It’s very important to tell your attorney immediately if you are laid off or unable to make the Plan payments anymore, otherwise your case can be dismissed. During that 3-5 year period, your spending will have to be controlled. If you want to purchase anything above $1,000.00, you’ll need permission from the Court. If you need to sign a new lease, get a loan, sell a major asset, you’ll need permission from the Court system to do so.

You do NOT want your case dismissed! Please take the time to read my article on obtaining a bankruptcy discharge. If your case is dismissed, it’s as if the bankruptcy never happened. All of your creditors will come after again, sometimes even assessing late fees on all of your payments. Don’t let this happen to you!

Finally, once all of your payments have been made (assuming you haven’t missed any payments, paid too little, etc.) your case will start becoming ready for a discharge. This means your slate is “wiped clean”. Exactly what you wanted in the first place. This process can sometimes linger in the Court system while all parties in your case collect their final payments and close out your case, during this time make sure you continue making your payments. Any extra money you send to the Trustee will be refunded, so those payments aren’t just going to be lost. You’ll want to start rebuilding your credit score (see my article on rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy) once your case is successfully discharged. Good luck!

Tips: Keep in touch with your attorney! Let them know if your address/phone number changes, if you get laid off, get a new job, get married, have a baby…etc. These all affect your Plan! Remember, you want a discharge, NOT a dismissal. One is good, one is very very bad, see above. Make sure you send your Trustee all of your tax returns and tax refunds, these become property of your bankruptcy while you are making payments. Do NOT get your refund check and run out and spend it! People doing this is the #1 reason why cases are dismissed from the system, don’t let that happen to you!

Evaluating the Business Blog Marketing Tips

Although there are a number of different kinds of business blogs, most of them will want to take the same general approach to business blog marketing. These marketing tips and strategies can be very different from those used to successfully promote personal blogs. Proper information should be available with the person to know about the 10 Best San Diego SEO Companies. The following of the tips will provide effective benefits to the person. 

You can also find a free business blog marketing plan that will teach you how to start a business blog and use inventive marketing methods to generate free traffic. This is an excellent in-depth resource on this subject.

A large majority of the blog marketing tips that are available on the internet deal with marketing personal blogs. If you use these same strategies with your business blog, you can easily end up making some costly mistakes that you may not be able to recover from.

These marketing tips can apply to a small business blog or even a corporate business. The key point to remember is to always present yourself with a professional attitude and appearance. This means that you don’t want to run around the internet simply posting your blog link anywhere you possibly can.

Social marketing can be one of the best online marketing methods for many business blogs. At the very least, you should create a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account for your business. You will then want to link those accounts to your business blog.

Most blogging software will offer plugins that will help your blog interact with social marketing websites. These plugins can add features to your site like Facebook like buttons or even posting messages when you write new content. You can even allow people to use their Facebook accounts to login to your blog instead of creating a dedicated account. These social networking features for blogs can help to entice more people to interact on your website.

Personal blogs will often market themselves on forums or discussion boards that relate to their blog subject. This can be a helpful strategy for business blogs as well, but you should certainly take a different approach.

When you are marketing a business blog on these websites, you will want to come across as an authority figure or an expert in your field. You should not be publicly asking people for help or asking questions – you should be the one answering the questions.

By placing yourself in that position, some people that read what you say will be enticed to find out more about you. They may take a look at your signature links or even look at your profile on the website. Professionally promote your blog in these areas and you will get traffic to your business blog.

A final tip for business blog marketing involves building links to your website. An excellent way to do this is to write articles or press releases and have them published on the internet. These articles should include a link to your business blog and if possible, you will want to publish on websites that will allow search engines to index your links.

If you follow all of these business marketing tips and strategies, you will find your blog on a path to success.

Weed Eater Strings- Gardening Technique at its Best

There is a fine line of gap between what you desire and what you deserve but the difference is immense to be ignored. What you deserve is according to your actions while there is no end to desire for anything.

In the normal context, everyone desires nothing more than the welfare of his loved ones and that is the biggest strength that motivates him to go on further in life and achieving everything he aspires for.

For now, we will just look at everyday situation and not the life problems which anyway are endless to even discuss about and nobody has the time or energy to recall it again and again ad nauseam.

Garden Friend

The basic etiquettes that any person needs to have is that he should look neat and clean from the outside and be well mannered from the inside through his deeds, action and behavior.

As far as cleanliness is concerned, people desire to keep their houses clean and free from dirt, which includes the garden and lawn on the outside because it is also his private property.

But to do so he will need some garden friends at hand to help him out in the task and one of them is the weed eater or trimmer to handle the overgrown grass that becomes a menace after sometime.

The garden tools that are needed for this mission are way too many but the trimmer is the most important of all that also takes care of the ground cover that makes it more difficult to work on due to its roughness.


The history of the trimmer is relatively recent compared to other garden tools as it came into being in the early 1970s and it is George Ballas whom should go the credit for inventing it when one fine day he was watching the moving of the cleaning brush or wiper of the car.

Within a short time after that incident, he worked out the idea by gathering some fishing lines and attaching its pieces in a systematic way to a tin can which he later bolter to a lawn trimmer and started using it.

To his delight, he found that it worked perfectly and soon his invention spread like wildfire all around and people came from far and wide to try it out for themselves which led to his transition of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Name Calling

It is interesting to know that the string trimmer as it was initially called is now known my many other nicknames due to its durability factor since many years of its launch and we are going to highlight some of them which are as follows:

  • Weed Eater- It was coined so because of its successful cutting of bushy plants which it did with ease and it was so clean that even the roots were not visible and hence was given the term weed eater by its admirers
  • Weed Whacker- This is a relatively new term and while ‘whack’ refers to beating, still it could be because it dealt with weeds with a solid ‘iron hand’
  • Brush Cutter- Another well known moniker coined by its admirers simply because it could ‘brush’ off all the unwanted grass from the surroundings

Best of 2020

We are now going to list out some of the best string trimmer models of 2020 that have come out and have proven to be successful and they are as follows:

  • Gas Power Weed- It is made by Troy Hilt and can manage most daily chores in the garden as it has a 2 cycle premium with a 20cc engine which speaks volumes of its power
  • Greenworks String Trimmer- It is an electrical trimmer that has a reputed engine of 20cc alongwith a powerful motor to its credit
  • Corded Edger- It is a Toro product which has an excellent motor of 7 amp and has the capacity to change course from shaft to head

As of now, these are the best weed eater strings with more to come up as the year progresses on and if you want to try it out for yourselves, you can look it up online and go to the nearest store in your vicinity.

New Space Program Development: The Origami Space Tether

In a partnership between NASA and the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency, astronomers have come up with yet another way of tethering objects to space shuttles in outer space. However, the new method of tethering is quite different from anything proposed thus far. Although a tether is a tether, this new tether is no wider or thicker than a measuring tape, much unlike the thick, braided metal tethers used in years past. Stretching up to a mile, the tether actually utilizes a reverse origami technique of deployment that will shoot the tether its full distance within a matter of a few minutes.

Scientists refer to the new tether system as Fortissimo, which refers to the musical notation of ff, meaning “very strong.” The actual name of the tether is Foldaway Flat Tether Deployment System. Developed by researchers at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and the Tokyo Metropolitan University (funded by NASA and the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency), the tether is folded back on itself in an outer casing, much like an accordion. When the astronauts are ready to deploy Fortissimo, the tether is attached to the object. Because of the folded nature of the tether, it can be released very quickly, which is where the reverse origami comes into play.

But the tether doesn’t just tie two spacecraft together. Fortissimo can actually decelerate and accelerate objects in orbit, theoretically. This is because the Earth is surrounded by a magnetic field. Plus, the upper atmosphere, called the ionosphere, is a layer of electrically charged gases. Because the tether is made of a special type of metal, when this “wire” cuts through the Earth’s magnetic field and ionosphere, an electrical charge will be produced in the wire, which is nothing more than a giant version of an electromagnet, such as those used in automobile junkyards. This electrical current can then be harnessed and directed either toward or away from the tethered object, in theory speeding up or slowing down its orbit. Thus, orbiting objects will be able to be quickly and precisely retired from orbit, or readjusted in orbit in order to ensure that the object stays in orbit instead of crashing to Earth.

Of course, much more work will need to be conducted on the tether before it is launched for the first time in 2009. Further testing will include both vacuum and weightless environments, as well as experiments regarding friction and electrostatic charging. The official first launch into outer space will still be nothing more than an experiment to determine how fast the tether can actually be discharged, and if it really can alter the velocity of an object. Overall, the launch will last only five minutes: from the initial entry into space at 62 miles until the apex of its launch at 186 miles, before it falls back to Earth and is destroyed at re-entry. The ratings and rakings of the low-code application development should be checked through the enterprises for modern development. The charges charged for the development will be under the funds to the company. 

Movie Review: Law Abiding Citizen

Law Abiding Citizen: In the beginning of this movie, two men forcefully enter Clyde Shelton’s ( Gerard Butler ) residence and brutally murder his wife and his child, with the intent on killing him as well. Little did they know, he would survive the attack and go on to seek justice and revenge. The two criminals are eventually caught and are processed through the justice system. To Shelton’s distaste, there is a slight problem with how the justice system worked and how the District Attorney Nick Rice ( Jamie Foxx ) handled the situation. Shelton decides that he does not agree with the outcome of the fate of these two criminals, and he is going to make a little justice of his own.

Ten years lapses in the movie and nothing has changed. After these ten years, Clyde Shelton pops up again and the movie really begins. Not only is Clyde Shelton looking to seek justice against the district attorney who abused his position, but he is also seeking justice against the entire city and the way they are locking up criminals. As it turns out, the deal that the district attorney made with the criminal was such that one criminal was to receive death by lethal injection, and the other would only receive 5 years in prison. Clyde does not like the idea of one criminal receiving a painless death penalty by lethal injection, and the other being released after a short 5 years. Clyde wants revenge against these two men.

Clyde develops a very thorough game plan to completely unravel the justice system in the city as well as deal with the criminal who is out on the streets. After Clyde is locked up in jail, he still remains to play games with the district attorney and still manages to disrupt society. He uses time, his intelligence, and knowledge from his past job to create absolute chaos to Nick Rice and everyone around him from inside a jail cell. He offers Rice many deals while under arrest, and when Rice finally disagrees to an important deal, Clyde will stop at absolutely nothing to make sure that every person currently involved with the justice in Philadelphia is dead. Surely, you will love this movie. You can use kodi for firestick to watch this movie. This platform is one of the best software that you can find online. Law abiding citizen will be good to see using this media player.

Why you will like this movie:

You will like this movie because it is a mysterious thriller. There is tons of action as well as a very mysterious underlying base to the whole movie. It will have you trying to figure how it is possible that is Clyde is doing everything he is doing from inside his jail cell. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering, “What will Clyde do next?”

Astrology and Courage – What will they indicate

What does astrology have to do with courage I am sure you are asking? Many people fear it. Those who are afraid of it account for the greatest number of its scoffers. I am sure you agree that the most destructive of all of our emotions, both individually and collectively, is fear. Through fear we create enemies. Through fear we lose some of the greatest opportunities of our lives. Through our fears we often live narrow and compressed lives that are of little value to us and those whom we come in contact with. Fear can be and most times is very stifling for the individual holding on to it. A better grasp and understanding of astrology can help you remove its grip. Proper information about the الابراج can be known through a visit at the site. The understanding of the terms should be correct through the person to know the meaning in horoscope. 

How can astrology help you? Its assistance comes in the form of understanding. The greater your understanding of astrology and horoscopes the more you will realize that there is no reason to be afraid. Astrology’s core concept is that we are all connected, we are all one. It teaches us that we are all parts of the harmony and symmetry that makes up the entire universe and what affects one affects us all is some way, shape, or form. Not a single one of us is unwanted, unnecessary, or independent of the whole.

If you learn to read, understand, and analyze your horoscope chart seriously and correctly, you will begin to realize within the chart is a real plan for your life. A life plan that is correct, workable, and that was created specifically for you. Astrology gives you the courage to realize this plan would never have been given to you if it was not possible for you to carry it through successfully. Remember, this plan was drafted based upon data that is specific to you. No one else in the universe has this exact same data; therefore no one else in the universe has this exact same plan.

The plan must work. The plan will work. It will work as long as you do not allow fear to cause you to mismanage its construction. Fear causes us to create thoughts of trouble, anxiety, and disaster. These thoughts attract the very thing we want to avoid. Sorrows and afflictions do occur, that is a fact of life. But realize that they are merely the factors needed to shape and to alter this crude material we call life.

Accept the uniqueness and collectiveness that make up your being. Do not grumble and wish for some other plan because you do not want to accept the one designed for you. The joys and happiness that you meet in your life are the beginnings of contact with the infinitely greater harmony that come with acceptance of your place and plan in the universe. Study astrology to gain a greater understanding of exactly where and what that is.

Choosing A Credible HYIP Monitoring Service

HYIPs are really popular these days keeping in mind the current condition of our economy. This is why more and more people are getting into HYIPs as they want to make the most of their investments. This is why it is really important that you pay proper attention to the monitoring service that you choose to get really good results on your investments with paid to click sites and many other options that you can try in order to earn money online. 

This is why is it is really important that you pay attention to your monitoring service as you choose a qualified HYIP program for yourself. Before you start with your investment process make sure that you learn more about what HYIP is and what makes it a lucrative investment opportunity. 

As you invest in a high yield investment program in which you get a really good return on your investment but the risk of losing your money is also very high. Moreover, these high yield investment programs work with Forex trades that way you get high returns on your investment. 

There are certain risks that are involved with HYIP because of no control of governments over the internet it is really easy for any to pose as a certified trader and take off with your money. This is why there are tons of fake traders that are there online. 

Besides this, it does not mean that the trader that you choose is capable of giving you high returns on your investment as there are thousands of people that are still not talented enough to get you the high returns on your investments. These amateurs will just lose your money and even if you are lucky you will eventually lose your money in the long run. 

Considering all this, it is really important that you choose your service provider carefully and get the best results in this industry. 

  • Know About The Operator Or The Admins
    If possible it is a really good idea that you get in touch with the HYIP admin and get to know him better. This way he can also notify you whenever there is a new program or scheme that is being launched. Moreover, as you get to know or talk to him you will be able to get a really good idea about his experience and his knowledge when it comes to high yield investment programs.
    As the internet is full of scammers it is a really good idea that you know your service provider to avoid the possibilities of getting scammed.
    For instance, as I invested in a high yield investment program, I made friends with my service provider and he would share details about all the promotional events and would also share different details about different HYIPs with me as well. 
  • Website Design
    As you look for a suitable program make sure that you look at the website of the trader that you choose. It is really important as you can easily distinguish between a fishy and credible website like that. 
    Moreover, you can take a look at different websites in order to get a good idea of different websites that are there. 
  • Plan System
    As you are done choosing your service provider you can take a look at their referral plans and investment plans so that you can make a conscious decision about your investment. Additionally, like this, you can easily distinguish between different types of plans as well. 
  • Certification
    One of the most important steps, as you choose a trader, is to get a look at their certification. If you are looking for a credible trader then this is the easiest step to do so. Having SSL, company certificates, and EVSSL certifications will give you a really good idea about the credibility of the website. 
  • Promotion
    Lastly, the promotion of your program is a really great idea that can really boost your program in the long run. Moreover, this way you get more people to invest in your program which is beneficial for you. 


With a high yield investment program, there are certain things that you can keep in your mind as you invest or get into these types of programs.  

Simple, Effective Ways For Preventing Rot And Other Damages To Your Deck

If you are one of the lucky people that have an outdoor deck area added to your home, then you can appreciate and understand that it is a beautiful luxury to have. You have space that you can enjoy and spend with your family and friends. It’s a space that you can go outside and enjoy the fresh air in a comfortable place. To help keep this luxury lasting a long time, you need to make sure it stays updated and maintained, so it can keep giving you pleasure for many years to come. Here are some simple, effective ways that you can maintain and prevent damage to your home deck. Make sure that you use the right tools in doing these tips. Tools like impact driver guide Makita will allow you to do the process right and have a really good outcome.

Beware of rot

When inspecting your outdoor deck and you discover rot or an infestation in one piece of wood, there is a good chance that there are some nearby boards that are affected as well. Before you attempt to make any repairs, make sure to inspect every support post, joist, and deck board for damage.

Prevent decay

To help minimize any further decay to your deck, inspect every joist, post, and all boards that may have rot. You will need to dig out the rot and then let it dry. Next you should brush on two to three coats of deck preservative to prevent any further rot from happening.

Don’t cover

One of the worse things you can do to the wood of your deck is to cover the ends of the deck boards with covering or trims. This is a perfect invite for rot and insects. The reason is because the coverings will prevent moisture from evaporating from the end grain of the wood causing them to become damaged.

Prevent warping

To help discourage warping of the wood, lay new boards bark side up. By doing this the semicircles of the wood grain on the ends of the boards will curve downward preventing any warping and causing damage to your deck.

Nail know-how

A simple way to grab a stubborn nail out of wood boards is to gouge around it with a wood chisel, and do this until the head is exposed, it will then be easy to pull out. Also you will want to pull out any popped nails in the deck boards, and then you can secure the boards with sixteen diameter nails. An even better way is to use three inch decking screws, these are easier to remove. If you are nailing, you can insert the new nails into the old holes already made, making sure to drive them in at an angle so they bite into the fresh joist wood that is below.

Things to Know Spring Cleaning

I don’t want to clean. I don’t like to clean. But when the weather warms up and it is time to open the windows and let the sun shine in the last thing I want to see is those little dust particles flying around in the sunlight. Okay, so I can’t get rid of them all, well, not without some crazy fancy home air vacuum purifier thing that probably cost more than my house itself. So I’m left with no other option but to tear the inside of my house apart and rebuild it. And so I did.

This year was like all the others in that I knew I had a large task ahead of me and that I knew that I needed to be organized to make the job as quick and painless as possible. So for starters, I made some lists. Each list was headed with the room name and then the chores that needed to be done. I also prepared a work tote filled with cleaners and dusters that I could bring with me through each room. I worked only one room at a time and with the exception of certain chores, such as rug cleaning and items that needed a visit to the dry cleaner, I only moved on once the room was absolutely clean.

I started my mission in my bedroom. The very first step was to strip the bed of all linens and the windows of the curtains and shears so they could be cleaned. The comforter and curtains were put aside for the trip to the dry cleaner and the sheets and blankets were taken to the laundry. I removed all rugs to be cleaned at a later time. I emptied the closets, drawers, and armoire of absolutely everything and moved it temporarily to the laundry room. I removed all wall decor and frames and knick knacks from the dressers and night tables as well, and then moved, with help, the furniture all to the middle of the room. With a bucket of a mild cleaner and water I went to work on washing down the walls and trim as well as the doors, window ledges, and light fixtures. I pulled the windows out and scrubbed the trim inside and out, then the glass. Before I went on to the furniture I carefully cleaned the open hardwood floors. With all of the dust traps clear, I was ready to clean each piece of furniture inside and out if possible and then move it back to its home in the room. With the furniture back to normal, I was able to wash the remaining floors. Now, although at this point I would love to be finished, unfortunately I still had the task of returning all of those clothes and decor back to its rightful spot. All of the clothing was inspected and sorted before being returned, with the winter items set aside for cleaning and storage and any discards set in a box for donations or trash. All room decor was thoroughly cleaned and then returned. The best part of removing everything from the room like this is that anything that doesn’t belong will already be out of the way and will impede your cleaning. So now, one room is officially done and just 8 more to go!

Actually most rooms went similarly to the first – everything was removed from the room, the walls, floors, trim, and fixtures were cleaned first, then was belonged in the room was returned, leaving only what didn’t belong in the living room. I did not leave anything uncleaned. The shower curtain rods were cleaned. The toaster oven was cleaned. Even the silk flowers were vacuumed and freshened. But the biggest challenge was when I got to the final room…The laundry room, which is also my storage room. This is the room that has been collecting all of the things that didn’t belong anywhere else in the house so I now had the task of sorting through everything and deciding whether to keep it or get rid of it, and then if I am keeping it, I need to decide if I plan to store it or create a home for it! The biggest problem this year was magazines. We had them everywhere and we didn’t want to just throw them away because they are still in good condition and had good information in them, but at the same time, no one was re-reading them and they were just taking up space – so I decided to donate them to the local school libraries and art departments. Problem solved! With all the left overs sorted all that was left was to run the same drill on the laundry storage area and then, finally, I have completed my mission!!

It was a long process and took several long, long days to complete. I am tired. I don’t even want to think of cleaning a thing right now, but it was truly worth it all because I have a beautiful clean house that is ready to welcome the sunshine and warmth of the season. And, the best part of it all is I don’t have to do it again for another year!! Yay!

Now I will have to encourage my husband to get a start on his spring cleaning – the garage and shed! But that will be another story! The ratings should be checked at online sites to Find the Top Car Vacuum Cleaners for the vehicles. The selection of the top cleaners should be made through the person for the cars.