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Tesla’s choice of Nevada for gigafactory boon to NV mining

December 28, 2018

The anticipated announcement by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval Thursday afternoon that Tesla...

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Network Installation Guide for the Windows XP Operating System

Hardware Selection: Important Information

You want to make sure that you already have some type of broadband connection such as Road Runner® or DSL already in place. Also, your computers will need to have wireless capabilities having either an internal/external wireless card or a USB network adapter installed. The newer computers are the more likely they already have wireless capabilities built-in. But if your computer does need wireless capabilities, then you will want to get a USB network adapter for a desktop and a PCMIA (or PC-card) network card. The next step in designing your network is to select a wireless router which will admit an internet signal to multiple connections in your home. There are many different types of wireless frequencies, the most common are 802.11b and 802.11g. 802.11g is a faster connection than 802.11b so you will probably want to choose this type of wireless router. But, if you have a wireless card in any of your computers, it will be compatible with an 802.11g router. It does help to buy the same manufacturer’s products for the network adapters and also the router, although mixing and matching manufacturers’ products seem to be work fine.

Choosing a Router

The two most popular manufactures, respectively, are Linksys® and Belkin®. Other well-known manufacturers are D-Link® and NetGear®. Linksys® tends to be a little more expensive than Belkin®, but the difference in performance is near impossible to notice. I personally recommend Belkin® over Linksys® not only because of the price but the firmware (the software that is loaded on the router) is much easier to use and it has several more features than Linksys®.

All routers now usually enable sometime of firewall, which is a basic safeguard that helps to promote internet security by blocking connections people are attempting to make to your network. And wireless routers have many different ways of securing your network so that you can have a secure environment. The instruction manuals that come with the routers usually have a good detail of information telling about the certain features each router has installed. All wireless routers also have some hardwire ports that can be used. Their price can range significantly $30 over $100. You can usually find a good deal on eBay®. Many factors help to drive the price up to such as its security features, the number of ports, the number of wireless connections allowed, etc. Most wireless routers have a certain speed, in gig hertz (GHz), so the higher the gig hertz the faster your wireless connection will be.

Network Installation

To begin the network installation, unplug the power cord of the cable modem and set the router next to the cable modem, leave it powered off also.

If Going to Have any Hard-Line Connections

Then, take a look at the length from the router to the computer(s) that you wish to connect via an Ethernet cord. You want to have a measurement of the length from the router to the computer(s) and then use this/these measurement(s) to determine the length of the Ethernet cords you will have to purchase. Once the Ethernet cords have been purchased, make sure the computers have been powered off and then place the Ethernet cords in the network port in the back of the desktop(s) or laptop(s) and then connect them to the ports in the back of the router. In the back of the router, there will be port numbers; for example, 1 to 4 for a 4 port router. Place the Ethernet cords in any of these open numbered ports. There will also be a port labeled WAN. Do not place the Ethernet cords that are going to be connected to the computers via a hard line connection in this port. This port, known as the Wide Area Network (Your ISP is considered the Wide Area Network), is used for the Ethernet cord connection from the modem to the router. This step will be performed later on.

Once you have connected the cables from the computer to the router, leave the router turned off. Then turn on the connected computers and let them start up normally into Windows®. This will allow the computers to recognize that there is a LAN connection that will soon be present (Local Area Network – which refers to your home network). You may get a message from Windows® saying the Local Area Connection has been unplugged; just disregard this message for now.

The Cables for Hard-Line Connection

The cables used for a hard-line connection are called Ethernet cables. They are very similar to telephone cables except telephone cables have 3 wires and Ethernet cables have 6 wires. An Ethernet cable must be used to connect the cable modem to the router. Most routers include an Ethernet cable in their packaging which you can use for this purpose. If a hard line connection is going to be used for a computer on your network, an Ethernet cable must be used to establish the connection. If you have an older computer, you may want to make sure you have a 10/100 LAN Network Card. This can be seen by

looking at the back of the computer. The following image gives a good idea of what the port looks like. The cable you see in the picture to the right is what an Ethernet cable looks like. Most computers post 2000 era have the network card built-in already. The cheapest place to get Ethernet cables is probably on eBay®. Most large retailer stores charge approximately $30.00 for a 50′ cable, which is pricey. Unless you are in a time constraint, shop around for the best price you can find for the length of cable that meets your needs.

Needed for All Connections (Wireless and Hard Line)

Now plug the router’s power cord into the wall. The router will not perform certain tests and diagnostics to see what exactly is connected to it. (For hard-line connections only) – The router will then recognize the connected computers. You can know this for certain if you look at the front of the router and lights

are blinking for activity and connectivity under the associated numbered ports for which the computer(s) is/are connected too. Next, make sure the modem is connected to the router via the WAN port in the back of the router. You can use the Ethernet cable that usually comes in the packaging with the router.

If completed, plug in the power for the modem. The modem will go through a few diagnostics tests; you will see blinking lights for Power, Send, Receive, and Online usually. It may take up to 2 or 3 minutes before the sequence is done. (For hard-line connections only) – After a minute or two, you will see a pop-up box on the computers that say Local Area Network connection established. This process has synchronized the router with the computers and also the router with the cable modem and ISP service. Once this is done, you will now need to configure the router’s setting.

15 Stocking Stuffers For Men For Under $5

Great stocking stuffers for less than $5? You bet and they’re not just for children either. In fact, here are some ideas for the men on your list.

Miniature toy cars: Wanna surprise him with a new car that will fit in his stocking? Miniature toy cars are great ideas and are well under the $5 mark. This works for sons, husbands, dads, and friends. The toy car keeps it fun and inexpensive while still letting him know you care enough to give him the car of his dreams.

Skin care and grooming products: Consider putting skin care and grooming products in his stocking. Avon has skin care products which are under $5, including after shave skin conditioners in a variety of fragrances as well as body washes. Yves Rocher has hair+body shampoo for $5. Trial sizes are an excellent way to experiment with a new scent or even a new product.

Gadgets: Men love gadgets, it really is that simple. Avon has a mini universal remote key-chain for less than $5. Wal-Mart and K-Mart also have a variety of small gadgets for $5 or less.

Toy guns: These are for the younger at heart, nerf makes some nice ones. Lots of fun and budget-friendly and as a bonus, good way to get some exercise too.

Puzzle books: Most of the men I know like a good puzzle. Crosswords, sudoku, and even search-a-words are all good, every bathroom needs at least one. The crosswords and search-a-words can even be customized. TV guide crosswords for the TV fan or movie puzzles for the movie buff.

Paperbacks: The least expensive way to indulge your book lover. Barnes  amp; Noble, Walden Books, and many other bookstores offer paperbacks and sometimes even hardcover editions for under $5. The best strategy is to go often and browse through the bargain books shelves. Some of these retailers have cards which give discounts and programs which will email coupons to members.

Cologne: Remember trial sizes are a great way to experiment and to keep the expense down. Yves Rocher has try me sizes of fragrances for less than $5.

Wallets: Small minimalist wallets are the hype today. These could be a nice present for guys from any ages. These minimalis wallets usually come with stylish and modern design. This can be a nice present for the men of your life such as your father, husband, friends or even colleagues.

Chapsticks: What about those lips? Men’s lips need protection from the elements too. There are many different types from which to choose. Avon has some basic chapsticks for less than $1 right now.

Gift certificate for a movie rental: Netflix has plans which start at $4.99, definitely a budget conscious choice. Some local owned video stores offer gift certificates in $5 increments. A place often overlooked is the grocery store. Most stores offer gift cards and video rentals.

Microwave popcorn: This can be purchased either individually or in a box and separated out. Either way, it makes a delightful addition to a movie rental gift certificate.

Movie size boxes of candy: Most towns have at least one Dollar Tree or similar type of store. These stores carry movie sized boxes of candy which make a great accompaniment to the movie rental gift certificate and microwave popcorn.

Golf balls or tees for the golfer: What golfer doesn’t need these accessories? If not these, how about some other accessory for his favorite sport or hobby?

Fishing lure for the fisherman: Every fisherman needs more lure or other accessories for his hobby. Most stores which have a sporting goods department have accessories for the fisherman.

Travel bag: Even if only for a toothbrush, shaving supplies, and antiperspirant every man needs a travel bag. Filling it with trial/travel sizes of his favorite products is a great way to make it more personal.

Magazine subscriptions: The men in my life love magazines, so a great personalized gift idea is a subscription to their favorites. and are two great websites which offer magazine subscriptions for less than $5 per year.

These are 15 gift ideas for men which are $5 or less each. Most can be personalized and remember it is the thought that counts when giving a gift. Taking the time to think about what the man in your life cares about and enjoys results in the perfect gift whether it costs $5 or much more.

Paint By Numbers: Perfect Method For Aspiring Artists

If you are a beginning artist in painting but don’t have any idea on how to further your skills, you are in the right place. This article will go through the benefits of paint by numbers kit for aspiring artists like you. This system is certainly the best method for you to get started and to enhance your painting skills. As such, here are the following reasons why paint by numbers is perfect for beginners.

Teaches colors

One of the most important elements of painting is color. This is something that every beginner should learn first for him or her to easily get his or her hand at painting. Colors have a strong impact and relationship to your final artwork. Generally, colors on their own will appear very different when you have painted another one next to it. Hence, it is really important to study its effects. Paint by numbers is certainly one of the best ways to learn the basics of colors.

Creative Control

Through painting by numbers you will also be able to practice and enhance creative control.  Creative color will manifest once you became more confident about your painting. As you go on painting, you will find yourself experimenting with the different types of brush strokes and you will also try some new colors. As a result, you can easily control your hand on painting and you will become more creative.

Lean dark and light values

When painting by numbers, it is advisable to start first with the darkest colors and end with the lightest ones. With this, you will be able to learn the concept of dark and light and how their values work in order to create an amazing picture. Painting by numbers will show you the dark and light areas through its numbering system. Certainly, paint by numbers is a great tool to learn these essential values in painting.


Another reason why paint by numbers can help beginning artists to gain painting skills is because the system of paint by number is organized. Whether it is a patterned or a custom paint by number, it is always organized through its number system. This will provide beginners guidelines on how to get started.

Master the brushes

For a beginner to become an effective painter, it is important to master the values of brushes. Basically, there are several types of brushes in paint by number kit. As you go on practicing, you learn the functions of each brush that you have. In addition, you will also learn the proper brush strokes that you need for the every shape in the picture.

Builds Confidence

Lastly, paint by numbers will help beginners build confidence.  It can be daunting to just look at a blank page and think of a way on how to create something great from it. But beginners no longer have to experience that with paint by numbers. Since it has a number system, it is now easier for beginners to get started.

Consumer Alert: Caffeine-infused Products – Do They Really Work?

My daily consumer alerts are ways for me to help inform my readers about potential risks or ways in which you are being misled. Today’s article addresses the growing trend of caffeine-infused skin products. These products are popping up all over the market.

There are nearly 2,000 different types of caffeine-infused products to choose from. They all advertise that they will help “infuse” you with a jolt of energy. Basically, the caffeine in the product is supposed to have the same effect as drinking a cup of coffee, soda, or even an energy drink. Results are showing that this could not be farther from the truth.

A close friend of mine, who wishes to remain anonymous, has led a group of students at his university in a study. They decided to purchase around 100 of these caffeine-infused skin products. The purpose of buying the products is so that a small group of five people would use the products. The usage of the random choice of different products would last for eight weeks. Each student was required to keep a book of data on how they felt after each use. They were also required to write down the amount they used the product, the amount of time spent using the product, and overall result.

All of the results showed similar results. The caffeine products could give us a jolt of energy, but only if you overuse the product. You would have to take nearly and hour of rubbing the product into your skin to feel any results. Why would anyone bother to do this when they could brew their own cup of coffee or pour their own glass of soda. Each task only takes us a matter of seconds to do and a few minutes to drink. So is it truly worth buying any of these products?

Results show that purchasing the products simply for their caffeine jolt is not worth the investment. Many of these “new” products coming out are products that have already been out on the market for many years, except for a small change. Manufacturers are taking popular product formulas and adding a touch of caffeine to them. This is so that they can jump on the bandwagon craze of selling caffeine-infused products.

It is a known fact that our society is currently on a “I want more energy craze”. Companies are taking advantage of this by releasing more and more caffeine relate items. You will notice this by simply going to your local drug store. The massive variety of these products is quite frightening. You can find energy drinks, candy, and even food products that have caffeine added to them. Experts believe that the market will only grow larger due to the demand of the public. A website named coffee supply here can be launched through the sellers. The demand for the coffee drinking will be increased in the economy. Different varieties of the coffee powder should be available for the sellers online. 

My consumer alert is to tell you to not purchase these products unless it is something you just want to try. There is actually no need at all for the product. The product is quite similar to many of the products you have used over the years. Try to not believe what your friends are telling you and the hype you might hear from co-workers. They are simply trying to make themselves believe that the product was a good investment and that because it was advertised to them as a pick-me-up, it has to be. The results do not lie, it does work, but not enough to waste your money.

Which Tile Saws Do You Need At Home?

Tile saws are a very important device that can help you fix and cut through tiles, as you can understand from the name. If you have come across a situation when you just threw out a chipped or broken tile right out of the window, the you already are aware of the problems of poor quality tile saws. Everyone out there always want to place clean and premium quality tiles without the risk of chipping or wavered edges.

If you invest in the wrong and inefficient tile saw machine, then you are in for some trouble. There are different kinds of tile saws that are available in the market. Take a look at them in this blog and decide for yourself which is the best tile saw.

Snap or Rail Cutters – this tile saw machine works by placing a single tile on the device anf then dragging a wheel across the tile. Once the tile is scored, the foot heel of the machine helps yo assemble the tile to snap into the scored pieces. It is a bit complicated to use and that is why you might break a few tiles initially which practicing. But, once you get into the flow, you will have no problem in setting the tiles easily. It is simple and comes with low cost mechanism. This is very much ideal for do-it-yourself projects which are done on a small scale with simple cuts and tasks that are easily manageable. However, keep in mind that you cannot use it to place stone tiles and the variants with Titanium coating offers the best cuts to the overall process.

Handheld Wet Tile Saws – handheld wet tile saws make full use of a power coated diamond cutting wheel which can easily grind away the tile it comes in contact with. Water is usually supplied with the help of a hose connection or with an on-board container. Dry cutting is only possible, but broadcasts the dust particle across the air. These tile saws are much more convenient for being used to give special cuts and design to the tiles. They are available in both corded and cordless variants. The cuts that are provided with the help of the device are natural and looks really good. It is not that heavy or bulky, making it easier for you to port anywhere.

Table Top Wet Tile Saws – with the help of Table Top Wet Tile Saws, tiles are usually pushed through the table using the diamond cutting wheel that is mounted beneath the table. The wheel continues to rotate in the pool of water that keeps it cool and drastically reduces the amount of dust that goes flying into the air. You need to be really well prepared to use this time saw and without prior experience you should not try it out. The line of sight might not be accurate at all times, making it difficult to use. The friction received by pushing the tile on the table, makes way for a smooth cutting. You can use a mitier attachment for more precise cutting.

Overhead Motor Wet Tile Saws – this tile saw travels across the table by using a rail system that goes through the cutting wheel. Some of the variants also come with stands or there are stands that come separately for purchase. Using submersible pumps, water is supplied to the delivery systems. If you want highly precise cards, then this is the best tile saw variant to use. These are the largest devices among all the other three and that is why you will need some space and time in order to set it up completely. You will get a much better and accurate line of site while using this device because the cutting wheel us situated just above the tile in front of you. There are lasers and LED lights attached to the premium variants for much better accuracy.

So, here are the different kinds of tile saws that are available in the market. All of them have their own set of benefits and disadvantages, which you should be well aware of. Depending on your needs and requirements choose any of the variant you think will be helpful for you.

Rid Your Kitchen of Clutter

Is your kitchen full of clutter jamming the linear rails of your drawers? Despite the fact that it is generally the cleanest room in your house, it is typically more cluttered due to the volume of necessities needed in that space. My kitchen is rather small, so being able to keep the chaos in the cabinets to a minimum proved rather difficult at first. I was able to eliminate the clutter though and have kept it at bay ever since. You are really going to have to roll up your sleeves though, this is tough work.

Pick the cabinet that looks like it is ready to burst at the seams, and begin with it. Take everything, and I do mean everything out. Once you have it all in front of you, go through and see what you are using and what you are not. Any non-perishable food items that are not outdated but are not eaten can be donated to your local food pantry. Anything that has expired needs to be tossed out. The same can be said of items without a visible expiration date or label.

Examine pots, pans, and eating utensils. Chances are, you have things that are not in proper working condition and shouldn’t be kept either. Just throw it away. The pots and pans that you do not regularly use, the roasting pan per se, should not be stored with the other items. The things that you just don’t use period should either be donated or disposed of. If you are anything like me, you will find several items that don’t even belong in a kitchen. Set these in a box or container to be sorted later

Don’t be too quick to put the items back in the cabinet. The goal is to not only rid yourself of clutter but to prevent it from happening again. There is an easy system for this. Least used items don’t need to go somewhere for really fast access, most frequently used goods should be right there for easy consumption. Put items that expire first at the beginning of the row so that they are used first. Organize pots, pans, and eating utensils in the same manner.

Move on to the rest of your cabinets and do the same thing. After you’ve finished, take a good look around the room to see if there are any other items in the kitchen that does not belong. A lot of people tend to collect mail and similar things on the top of the refrigerator. Make sure that there is nothing laying on the countertops that aren’t used on a frequent basis. Take the “does not belong” box out and put the items where they belong, and you are finished. Maintenance is easy, simply throw out the item when it’s not working properly or expired. Take a quick two-minute sweep, if that long, on a daily basis to make sure that nothing is there that shouldn’t be and that things are put away.

Why You Should Dump

There is a current debate raging among parents and educators about the safeness and benefits of social networking sites like Sadly, safety issues are just the beginning of’s problems. Also, there are now several amazing social media sites that offer you great features and opportunity. Instagram for example is a best platform to advertise your brand. You can also buy 500 instagram followers at Buzzvoice or more. This will give you chance to expand your network and audience. There are many reasons why should be avoided at all costs and Barefoot has outlined them here: My Top Eight Reasons for Hating

Two of Barefoot’s Eight Reasons to Hate

The eight reasons sited in Barefoot’s article are all valid problems with Let’s examine some of Barefoot’s reasons for not using and explore better social networking sites.

Barefoot wrote, as reason number eight, “You are not an HTML programmer.” Many of us, even with the fastest of Internet speeds, are tired of waiting for poorly designed pages with overlapping images and messed up fonts to load. So many profiles on look like they were created by computer school drop-outs, and are as ugly as the pink hair on a certain beauty school drop out in Grease. Really, nobody cares about your profile enough to wait that long. Sorry.

The layouts on also remind me of the early days of the web when new users through bright yellow font on an orange background with a transparent photo and floating logo made their web page stand out.

Barefoot also notes that “There is a whole industry growing up around building a MySpace page.” I found lots of inappropriate material when searching for MySpace and HTML. Perhaps Barefoot and I are just old, and not into “bling bling” sequined images for our web pages.

In his article Barefoot also noted as number five: “Those stats aren’t you.” The use of the statistics on the MySpace community is the most disconcerting. They read like a dating ad service. There is just something that feels a little seedy about MySpace’s presentation of personal data, including relationship status and sexual Devotees

The most frustrating aspect of is attempting to discuss the downside of with its cult-like followers. Their voices rise, their faces turn red, and they actually become insulted. MySpacers will defend MySpace vehemently.

It is out of ignorance, though, from not having gone around the Internet block enough times. They suffer and do not even know it, that is the saddest part.

When asked “Why” the following lame and inexplicable answers came back as “reasons.” The only part missing is the reasoning.

  1. “Everyone’s on MySpace.”

Acutally, no, they’re not. Not everyone.

  1. “It’s the only way to keep in touch with everybody.”

Please. In the day of free blogs, free e-mail, free home pages, video conferencing, and oh, a little invention called THE TELEPHONE, it is not the only way to keep in touch with people.

  1. “There’s no other site like it.”

There are two responses to this gem. One is to roll on the floor laughing, the other is to say, “Good thing.”

Alternatives to

There are alternatives. There are better social networking sites and options. Break free and run as fast as you can, to a better social networking experience.

  1. Community

At the heart of are personal journals. The LiveJournal community allows you set up a profile page with photos or images and include as little or as information as you want. Your journal entries can be public, private, filtered to certain groups, or be some combination of those options. There is a photo gallery and it’s easy to post images in your journal entries.

The page design options are easy-to-use and clean-looking, and not immersed with flashing and blinking advertising.

While LiveJournal is more than just a place for online journals. The community aspects of LJ are quite powerful. Easily read all of your friends’ pages on one page, ordered by the most recent post. The communities on LiveJournal are also incredibly diverse and very active. Users of the community can easily find a list communities simply by using keyword searching.

  1. Any other site besides

There are other alternatives. Find old school chums on or your college’s alumni page. Or connect on Friendster and Facebook. Share your life in images on

Yes, some of these sites charge for extended features including and Yes, is free. Just remember, you get what you pay for.

Snub Dogs- Health Issues Faced By The Mutts

Health is the most important asset for every living being whether it is humans or animals and both need to be in sound health in order to sustain their life on the face of the earth.

Amongst the two, it is human beings that call the shots as it is dominated by them and they alone are allowed to dictate the rules and regulations here whereas the animals are destined to obey them without a second thought, which is quite natural in the sense that their erstwhile masters have the power of speech while they don’t.

Nevertheless, we were talking about health and how it is important to both of them but as a subject matter, we will limit it to the most loyal animal ever in existence. To make it easier to understand, we are focusing on a particular breed, which are the snub dogs.

Breed Culture

Everyone is aware that dogs are of varied breeds and it is this culture that differentiates one from the other but snub dogs arouse more curiosity as they are quite interesting and intriguing at the same time.

They are smaller in size compared to say a Labrador or a German shepherd and their facial structures also vary from their much larger counterparts. They have short, droopy face akin to cartoon character Droopy that is full of wrinkles while the nose is in muzzled format.

At first glance, it will give you an impression that the pup has been wrapped with a small bag around its face while the tail is quite curled and in a slanting position compared to other dogs.

This particular breed has a glossed coating for skin and that too in various colors right from black to light brown to fawn while the entire body is square shaped with strong muscles, as though it is lifting dumbbells each day.

Pitiable State

The facial structure of snub dogs will surely make you feel that they are to be pitied but that is not the case as while commuters may purchase them as pets by looking at their miserable expression out of pity, but they take good care of them at home and treat them akin to a family member.

However, there is a sad story about this breed in that they are vulnerable to diseases and ailments at a higher rate compared to others and take ill even after an ordinary bout of cold.

This pitiable state is something that needs to be discussed as to why it is so and why this breed is singled out among others when it comes to illnesses, when diseases never even spare healthy people.

A recent survey conducted by the American Kennel Club came to the conclusion that bull dogs have a bad habit of sniffing and eating anything that they come across on the ground below, mistaking it for dog treats.

They opine that French bulldogs are quite popular in the US and come in fourth position after Labrador, shepherds and golden retrievers and have broader and shorter skulls.

When there is a sudden change in season, they get a headache and start coughing and sneezing while the sound of vehicles make things worse as they are unable to tolerate so much noise pollution in the vicinity.


Flat-faced or short-nosed dogs, like Pugs have similar health deficiencies as they fall under the same category but as they are even smaller in size, they need extra care and treatment so as to make things better for them.

An interesting point of note is that pugs have a photogenic face and some medical issues that they face are due to the following conditions:

  • Excessive heat plays spoilsport as pugs have a short snout and are at a greater risk in a hot climate where they become breathless and start panting after a short walk
  • Their nostrils are quite narrow which means that they don’t have a great flow of oxygen and so when they snore it sounds more like a wheezing and choking, which is why they need to be checked by veterinarians at regular intervals
  • They are prone to eye and skin problems due to a limited vision and their skin starts to develop rashes due to excessive wrinkles on the face

Ultimate Defense 2 Strategy Guide

Note: September 19th, 2019:

I beat the game again. I am having more difficulty during the early levels though. My goal has been to get two fully trained ninjas as soon as possible. The trick to doing this is to keep them ACROSS from one another. If they kill an opponent, they BOTH get the EXP because they kill it at the same time. This means they level up quicker. PS – I am SO SICK of the slots because I NEVER WIN. I say SCRAP the lots. It’s a complete waste of time.

NOTE: September 18th, 2019 :

I have won three consecutive times with my tried and proven strategy. But, it appears that some changes MAY have been made to UD2. It seems more difficult now. Maybe I’m just trippin’! Look out for an updated strategy soon! And SHOTS OUT to the producers of this game. It is the best tower defense game to hit the market in a long fucking time!

NOTE: September 15th, 2019:

I DID IT! I finally beat Ultimate Defense 2 at AddictingGames. It has taken me almost two weeks of trying daily to finally conquer this complicated puzzle. My goal today is to share my winning strategy with anybody facing the difficulties that plagued me.

MONEY is essential to success in Ultimate Defense 2. If you reach level 3 or 4 and you have less than $1500, considering RESTARTING. You may not survive long.

Level 1

First, place 2 ARCHERS on the top left ledge. Across from the archers, place a MAGE on the first corner. This leaves us with a $50 leftover.

As the CREEPS start rolling out, immediately begin digging anywhere and everywhere. You need to stock up on POTIONS and TREASURE CHESTS. Potions for the later levels, and treasure chests for additional money.

If any creeps evade your archers and mage, zap their ass with some POISON. But no matter what, do not waste any money on producing more archers. It will be a waste of money. In case you run out of mana, let the creeps go. Losing a few HP will not hurt. Your goal is to SAVE MONEY.

You should have accumulated $250 by the early portion of round 2. Use this to purchase another mage. Place him on the bottom-left ledge, somewhere near the exit — not too close though. In case a creep evades your second mage, you may need time to cast a spell.

As you progress through the level, purchase additional mages as needed (preferably only one more). Do not forget to keep digging though. If you dig up enough potions, consider sparing one or two to zap creeps. With enough mana, you should be able to beat level 1 with only two mages and two archers, thereby saving much-needed funds.

Ideally, you want to complete level 1 at about $1400. It is tremendously difficult to do, but certainly possible. If you end the level with under a grand, then restart the game. But first, wait to play the slots. If you are fortunate, you may win $500 or more.

Level 2 – 7

For the next couple of rounds, your goal is to dig up more potions and treasure, build mages, and build NINJAS.

At the beginning of every level, place a 1 or 2 ninjas somewhere near the exit. Then use the remaining money to supply the entrance with an abundance of mages. In case you build 1 ninja, make certain to supply an additional ninja as soon as possible.

Until level 7, use 2 ninjas and 4-6 mages per level. Remember, mages must stay near the entrance. Their purpose is to weaken the creeps so that the ninjas kill them easily, and level up fast. Believe me, two fully leveled ninjas can do some serious damage.

Level 8 – 10

Use one DRAGON and 2 ninjas. Place the ninjas before the dragon. If any creeps pass your dragon, use either LIGHTENING or TRAP to zap their ass.

Level 11

Place two dragons across from one another. Remember, they will gain experience simultaneously. Once they are maxed out, they will be a force like no other.

Level 12

This level is kind of whack. You can’t place two dragons across from one another. So place one dragon on the top ledges, and then surround him with a shitload of ninjas. Feel free to spend all your money because IT’S OVERRRR MANNN, IT’S ALLLLL OVERRRR!  

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Optical mirror coating- What is the use of coating on the mirror, and what are its types?

Numerous people on the globe wear spectacles because they cannot see clearly with their naked eyes. On the mirror of the spectacles, the optical coating is done. The coating helps in clearing the vision. If you are the one who cannot see clearly with the naked eyes, then you should go for the optical mirror coating glasses and have the best anti-reflection vision in your life.

 The mirror is commonly used in glasses or a camera’s lens. It is best in camera because it helps in creating diversion effect while clicking the photograph. Likewise, there are lots of other unique uses of the mirror coating. There are lots f types of coating you will get to know later in the article. If you are new to this term, then, first of all, you need to know about its basic, which is no ordinary person should wear optical glasses spectacles as it can ruin their vision.

 You should only go for it if you are really facing issues in the clarity in vision else the coating glasses are of no use.If you get irritated by reflection on your glasses, then you should go for the mirror coating one, which would help you in getting rid of the reflection.

What are the different types of coating you should know about?

There are numerous kinds of coating which can be done on the mirror. In this article, we will be going to discuss about the essential one which can enhance your knowledge in terms of the coating. Here are some of the varieties for you-

  1. Anti-reflection coating- The Anti-reflection coating is called as AR coating, which is specially designed to fade away reflection. There is a thin coating put on the glasses, which helps in the elimination of the coating or the glare from the front and the back side of the glasses. 

It also helps in eliminating sparkling lights from the glasses so that you can get to have perfect vision. It also helps in reducing the sharpness of the light in the night time so that you can drive carefully. It is highly essential to use this kind of coating if you usually drive in the night time.

  • Scratch-resistant coating- As we all know that scratches can ruin the quality of any glass or mirror, which is why there is scratch resistant coating is there. You can have this coating on your glasses or mirror so that no scratch can take place. The coating is to be done on the front and the back side of the glasses or mirror so your glasses can be kept protected from any kind of scratches.

 You can give any mirror or lens to the kids with scratch resistant coating because it would be safe. If your kid throws it by chance, then there would be nothing to be worried about because the special coating will be going to protect it no matter what.

  • Ultra violet coating- The most demanded coating in the market is UV coating. It is because, as we all know, UV rays are very harmful to the eyes. The harmful results can be seen or can become in notice after a few years, so why not take care of it in the present time. 

If you want to protect your eyes, then you should go for the UV rays coating, which will be going to keep you safe and protected by blocking 100% of the rays to enter in your eyes. Most of the high in quality sunglasses use this kind of coating. There is a built-in protection in the coating, which is essential if most of your day spent in the sunlight.

  • Photochromic coating- If you want to have sunglasses effects in your spectacles, then there is nothing better than photochromic coating. It helps in darken the lens whenever it comes to the contact of the sunlight. It is beneficial as you can easily get to open your eyes and have clear vision no matter how harsh is the sunlight.

 There is one thing you need to take care of that is you should keep it away from the scratches as they can ruin the quality. If you cannot afford a secondary pair of the sunglasses, then this would be the best option for you to choose from.

  • Anti-fog coating- Are you living in an area where winters are common in 12 months? If yes, then you should need to know about the Anti-fog coating, which helps in keeping fog away from the lenses. Fog can be irritating, and it occurs especially in the winter season.

 Instead of cleaning it after a regular interval of time, you should go for this coating on your glasses. No more moisture or fog can even dare to stick on your glasses. 

  • Tinted coating- If you want to add some style to your vision, then you should go for the tinted coating. It would help in giving extra light to the lens like yellow, blue, pink, etc. You can go for any of them, but you should know that it can disturb your vision.

 You should wear the lens only on a special occasion and on rest days you can go for the normal one. There is a special tint for your glasses, which can help in reducing eye strains or headaches.

  • Mirror coating- This kind of coating helps in keeping your eyes invisible to others. It is applied to the outer part of the lens so that no one can come to see your eyes. On the other hand, you could be able to see them easily, which is the best thing about this coating. Most of the time, you can get to see this kind of coating in the sun-glasses. 

It can be a little bit expensive than others, but it can provide privacy to your eyes in limited ways. If you do not want anyone to look directly in your eyes, then you should go for this coating.

These are some of the types of coating you should know about. Every coating has different functions that can help in clearing your vision in very different ways. You should not go for the random coating as first you need to find the purpose, and then you should go for the selection of coating.

Bottom lines about optical coating you should know about

There are two types of lenses you can get form the market as number one is built-in coating lenses, and second is normal lenses. If you are using normal lenses and want to switch to the coating, then there is no need to change it. The coating can be done on the normal lenses too. The best recommendation would be that you should go for the inbuilt coating because they are superior in quality, and you would get to have results for a longer time as compared to the normal lenses. Thus in this way, you can easily get to provide relief to your eye sight and thus have the best and clear vision.

In the conclusion, we can say that coating is a part of technology. You can go for the one which is required by your eyes.