5 Tips to Remember to Play Clash Royale Like A Boss

Smartphones have changed our lives. We can keep in touch with people all over the world, research and learn things, listen to music, watch videos, play games and update our social media, while being on the go- just with the help of an internet connection and our smartphones. 

Online games have been around for a long time but ever since mobile gaming has taken over the market, it has brought in a revolutionary change for gamers all over the world. There are different kinds of games of various genres and one of the most successful types has been strategy games. 

Clash of Clans was a greatly entertaining and challenging game which was launched by Supercell in 2012. They upgraded and added new exciting elements to it and relaunched it. They gave it a new name of Clash Royale. Gamers have welcomed the game gladly and it’s been doing pretty well. It’s a multiplayer game in the collective card type category so you can play this game in real time with players all over the world. This factor actually makes this game ten times more interesting because there is not a single boring moment. Someone or the other is always online in some part of the world; hence you never will be alone. 

If you have played Clash of Clans, then you might have a basic idea about Clash Royale. Giants, princes, witches, wizards, dragons, spells and all sorts of magical elements are present to make this game one of the most played and most downloaded mobile games ever. Previous clash of clan players will fare well in this game as there will be a sense of familiarity. Most of the elements haven’t been changed; just enhanced. And of course, better graphics have been implemented. 

Clash Royale has won many awards, including the AMD Esports Audience Award which is an esteemed award in the world of gaming and it also shows how loved it is, in the gaming community. 

Strengthen your clan, gain trophies and win battles against your opponent using these simple but very useful tips-

  1. Try to avoid attacking first. Instead, gather and save elixir and work on strengthening your defence. The elixir provides a defensive advantage which you will not have if you attack or push first. You can only attack first if you have max elixir and a good tank card upfront, along with backup damage troops and strong front troops.
  2. The main objective is to defend your clan well and damage or weaken your enemy. For this, you need to save up elixir. Aim for max elixir as that will give you the opportunity to attack first. But if you and an opponent both have max elixir, one of you has to attack because otherwise the clan weakens. You can gain elixir by trading strategically. Make sure to spend it wisely. If you’re being attacked hard, always use nukes, arrows, fireballs, baby dragons and bombs to resist the initial push.
  3. The way you use your cards will make or break your game. Your strength lies in making the deck as effective as possible. The game has 42 cards in the deck. Each card has different role and a combination of certain cards can inflict specific damages on the opponent. Visit this page for more decks in the future. You should always use proactive and reactive cards together. If you have Pekka, skeleton, Valkyrie, knight and giant and barbarian, always let your barbarian take the first swing as it contains both proactive and reactive. Another good combination is hog and freeze. 
  4. Your tower is important. You can use a number of defensive strategies. Wizard is one of them. One great advantage of wizard is that it can be placed behind the tower, in safety and can be used to inflict damage from there. But it’s not immune to enemy nuke. So, make sure you don’t always place the wizard there. The enemy will figure it out and take out your wizard quickly in that case and your tower will be immediately vulnerable. Other good defence cards are tombstone and fireball. Cannon and fireball are cheap buildings. These are useful to distract opponent’s balloons, hog riders, giants and golems. You can use cards like spear goblins for other weak opponent units. 
  5. Lane changing is a must when you’re at a disadvantage. Like card combination change, lane changing is important because that way, your opponent can’t predict your moves accurately. If that doesn’t work well, go for lane splitting and attacking from there.

Whatever you do, make sure you launch your units together at one go. That creates a chaotic look and your enemy might take time to figure out their attack. Some chaos is good. In this case, chaotic good will be at your advantage. 

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