3 Great Water Bottle Designs for the Cyclist

Cyclists need to stay hydrated and there are a slew of water bottles and water delivery systems out there for use with a wide range of bicycles. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a quality water bottle to use while biking and these 3 designs go above and beyond the standard plastic squirt bottle that comes with some bikes.

Polar Insulated Water Bottle:


Price: $7-$16.

Polar has designed a great cycling water bottle that not only fits perfectly in the standard bicycle bottle cage that attaches to the frame of most bikes, but fits perfectly in your hand while moving.

The unique design comes in 20 and 24 ounce sizes, although the 20 ounce may be best for most bicycle bottle cages. The bottle is completely wrapped in a thermal insulation plastic that allows you to keep your drink of choice cold for hours.

You can even freeze the bottle to keep it even colder. However keep in mind that the insulation combined with frozen liquid may make it slightly harder to get water out of it right away.

There is also a grip indent built into the design to make it easier to grab from the cage and hold onto while on the go.

Nalgene ATB (All Terrain Bottle):


Price: $7.50-$12.00

Nalgene is known for it’s virtually indestructible water bottles. If you’ve ever wandered onto a college campus, you’ve surely seen the large thick wide mouth bottles hanging from backpacks and sitting on desks and tables throughout.

Of course the wide mouth design of their very popular heavy duty bottle isn’t good for cyclists or anyone in constant motion. But the Nalgene ATB solves that problem for cyclists. This bottle is protected from any water treatment issue as it is made from quality materials and designed using modern technologies.

The bullet shaped 22 ounce bottle fits in most standard bottle cages and has an indented area just below the opening to make grabbing the bottle a breeze. It also features a hinged cap that keeps out dirt and grime will ensuring you won’t lose the top while drinking from it or refilling it.

Plus it comes with the Nalgene quality that people have come to expect. These bottles are extremely durable, I own one of the larger wide mouth bottles and it was worth every penny.

CamelBak Hydrobak 50 ounce Hydration Pack


Price: $23.00-$35.00

Ok, so it isn’t technically a cyclist water bottle, but it is designed specifically for cyclists. This unique product is a flexible material ‘bottle’ that is kept inside a small backpack. It is connected to a tube that has a mouthpiece on the end so that you can get hydration without reaching for a bottle or stopping.

As an added bonus this hydration pack comes with zippered pockets to store things such as your wallet and your keys. This Camelbak pack is considered the entry level hands free system for cyclist and the company offers a wide range of sizes and design features.

Being that just the basic design costs nearly 3 times the cost of high end bottles, this hydration pack is for those who expect to be on their bike more then just a few times a week. However Camelbak also makes traditionally designed water bottles as well.

These water bottles for cyclists are great because of their unique features and durability. You also won’t get as much of that ‘plastic’ taste found with some of the cheap, low quality squeeze bottles out there.

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