15 Stocking Stuffers For Men For Under $5

Great stocking stuffers for less than $5? You bet and they’re not just for children either. In fact, here are some ideas for the men on your list.

Miniature toy cars: Wanna surprise him with a new car that will fit in his stocking? Miniature toy cars are great ideas and are well under the $5 mark. This works for sons, husbands, dads, and friends. The toy car keeps it fun and inexpensive while still letting him know you care enough to give him the car of his dreams.

Skin care and grooming products: Consider putting skin care and grooming products in his stocking. Avon has skin care products which are under $5, including after shave skin conditioners in a variety of fragrances as well as body washes. Yves Rocher has hair+body shampoo for $5. Trial sizes are an excellent way to experiment with a new scent or even a new product.

Gadgets: Men love gadgets, it really is that simple. Avon has a mini universal remote key-chain for less than $5. Wal-Mart and K-Mart also have a variety of small gadgets for $5 or less.

Toy guns: These are for the younger at heart, nerf makes some nice ones. Lots of fun and budget-friendly and as a bonus, good way to get some exercise too.

Puzzle books: Most of the men I know like a good puzzle. Crosswords, sudoku, and even search-a-words are all good, every bathroom needs at least one. The crosswords and search-a-words can even be customized. TV guide crosswords for the TV fan or movie puzzles for the movie buff.

Paperbacks: The least expensive way to indulge your book lover. Barnes  amp; Noble, Walden Books, and many other bookstores offer paperbacks and sometimes even hardcover editions for under $5. The best strategy is to go often and browse through the bargain books shelves. Some of these retailers have cards which give discounts and programs which will email coupons to members.

Cologne: Remember trial sizes are a great way to experiment and to keep the expense down. Yves Rocher has try me sizes of fragrances for less than $5.

Wallets: Small minimalist wallets are the hype today. These could be a nice present for guys from any ages. These minimalis wallets usually come with stylish and modern design. This can be a nice present for the men of your life such as your father, husband, friends or even colleagues.

Chapsticks: What about those lips? Men’s lips need protection from the elements too. There are many different types from which to choose. Avon has some basic chapsticks for less than $1 right now.

Gift certificate for a movie rental: Netflix has plans which start at $4.99, definitely a budget conscious choice. Some local owned video stores offer gift certificates in $5 increments. A place often overlooked is the grocery store. Most stores offer gift cards and video rentals.

Microwave popcorn: This can be purchased either individually or in a box and separated out. Either way, it makes a delightful addition to a movie rental gift certificate.

Movie size boxes of candy: Most towns have at least one Dollar Tree or similar type of store. These stores carry movie sized boxes of candy which make a great accompaniment to the movie rental gift certificate and microwave popcorn.

Golf balls or tees for the golfer: What golfer doesn’t need these accessories? If not these, how about some other accessory for his favorite sport or hobby?

Fishing lure for the fisherman: Every fisherman needs more lure or other accessories for his hobby. Most stores which have a sporting goods department have accessories for the fisherman.

Travel bag: Even if only for a toothbrush, shaving supplies, and antiperspirant every man needs a travel bag. Filling it with trial/travel sizes of his favorite products is a great way to make it more personal.

Magazine subscriptions: The men in my life love magazines, so a great personalized gift idea is a subscription to their favorites. bestdealmagazines.com and magsdirect.com are two great websites which offer magazine subscriptions for less than $5 per year.

These are 15 gift ideas for men which are $5 or less each. Most can be personalized and remember it is the thought that counts when giving a gift. Taking the time to think about what the man in your life cares about and enjoys results in the perfect gift whether it costs $5 or much more.

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